Decomplicated Makes News More Accessible

It’s hard to stay on top of the latest social media apps these days, let alone the latest trending news story. Staying educated and informed on the latest current affairs and breaking news has become harder over the years, especially with the increasing distrust in a majority of news sources, #fakenews anyone?

Two Canadians are looking to address this issue by providing hard-hitting, factual journalism in a digestible and accessible format. Rumneek Johal and Carol Eugene Park are the women-of-colour and progressive voices behind Canada’s latest news podcast and newsletter, Decomplicated. Delivered daily, Decomplicated breaks down the stories that you keep hearing about, asking the hard-hitting questions and summarizing the answers without wasting any time.

Carol and Rumneek describe their podcast as a news experience for people who are too busy to read the whole story. From Blackfishing to Colonial Violence, Decomplicated is the breath of fresh air in today’s media landscape that we’ve been needing. Not only are the topics relevant and timely, but they are accessible and digestible. No paywalls or complicated essays, just a daily newsletter and featured podcast that can be incorporated into your morning routine.

Decomplicated is released to subscribers as a daily newsletter and weekly podcast (every Tuesday and Thursday). Each newsletter and podcast episode focuses

on a single story, taking it apart so that it is understandable, accessible, and interesting. Rumneek and Carol aim to keep their listeners informed and entertained by encouraging Canadians to talk about cultural and local issues more openly. Together, they hope to open the door to current events and cultural topics in a way that is digestible, authentic, and unfiltered.

Start the day off informed, educated, and caffeinated with Decomplicated.

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