COPIA: Sales and Your Heart – can you marry that?

Ekaterina RamirezEvent Recap by Ekaterina Ramirez

Last night I had a pleasure to investigate an intriguing business network with a beautiful name Copia that has a holistic approach to business. It is 100% in alignment with what I usually look for in business networks. Yes, I am an advocate of consciousness, authenticity, and self-actualization. So the organization with a tagline “Where Higher Self Meets Bottom Line” is certainly my home.

At the beginning of this week I found Copia's website while looking at Celebrating the Goddess‘s events for September where one of the speakers will be Alanna Fero – the founder of Copia.

On Wednesday, last night, they had a workshop “Soulful Harvest: Sales Without Selling Out” so I decided to explore the network right away.

Presenters, Alanna Fero and David Westworp, talked about business, sales, karma, and dharma. They delivered a very good content.

I will share some highlights.

  • We all know that people hate sales considering it as something pushy, dirty, and yucky. One phrase from Alanna that anchored in my mind right away was “There is nothing dirty with sales when it is clean.” You don't need to deceive anyone. Being 100% honest with people and transparent about your intentions is a way to go.
  • Marketing and sales is like planting seeds. You might not get the harvest right in the moment. And it is fine. Alanna gave an example of clients who listened to her presentations 8 years ago and came back to her when they needed help. So always keep in mind that you are planting seeds for the future. But at the same time be aware if you don't have any results at all, probably something needs to be shifted.
  • David talked about managing emotions while doing cold calling. Cold calling? Do you feel butterflies in your stomach? 🙂 When you receive NO, you need to let it go right away. There is no need to bring resentment to your next conversations. David encouraged to be aware of two things: “How do you make people feel?” and “What energy do you create?
  • A mistake that usually start-ups make is that they go after everyone including family and friends up to the point when they begin wondering why their marketing doesn't work. The key here is to get clear first who is your tribe: potential clients/customers and those who know them. Alanna called it Engaged VS Involved. Let's say customers for your massage therapy practice (engaged) are soon-to-be mothers and those who know them (involved) would be a Doula Services Association.

I encourage you to explore this network if you are looking for the ways to marry business with heart while connecting with like-minded entrepreneurs.

See you there because now I am a fan of Copia!

With an open heart,

Ekaterina Ramirez | @Ekat-Ra

4 Responses to COPIA: Sales and Your Heart – can you marry that?

  1. Helen August 31, 2012 at 6:52 am #

    Beautiful re-cap, Ekaterina! Thank you!

    • Ekaterina August 31, 2012 at 10:48 am #

      I am happy you liked it, Helen! I appreciate that you encourage creating marketing from the heart. It helps me to be more open.

      I am sure you will like Copia events – I was impressed with the people I met there on Wednesday.

  2. gwenda September 4, 2012 at 10:45 pm #

    It was my very first meet-up and I was thoroughly impressed. Alanna and David modeled Alanna’s “karmic marketing” concept so well.

    • Ekaterina September 5, 2012 at 9:50 am #

      Great to hear that you like it too, Gwenda!

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