Confidence and Networking

As a new grad, gaining confidence has been something that has floated in my mind for the past few months. Entering the workforce full time for the first time is a bit intimidating.  Confidence is something you need to be able to rock whenever you enter new conversations. I'm often much more drawn to people who exude this characteristic and am more enticed to strike up a conversation with them.

Confidence is something I am consciously trying to work on in all aspects of my life. Here are a few tips that I've been testing out in hopes that it will come more naturally.

  1. Posture
    Stand up straight. I've been trying to enter every room or conversation with my shoulders held up and back.  This takes quite a bit of conscious effort as I hold a lot of my stress in my shoulders. Standing up straight gives you a sense of innate confidence and allows you to carry yourself with pride.
  2. Power Outfit
    Starting to really focus on networking, I've tried to wear a really great power outfit to all events. This helps me feel more confident in how I am presenting  myself at first glance. I suggest making that first investment in a great blazer, comfortable blouse, and beautiful pair of slacks or pencil skirt. It'll make you stand out when you enter a room without even saying a word.
  3. Pep Talk and Gratitude
    In my PR class we had a few sessions with Pamela Hart all about public speaking. She gave some great tips on how to speak in public with great confidence. That includes finding a space by yourself (perhaps a bathroom stall) and get as big as you can. Tell yourself you are awesome and this will immediately put a smile on your face. A smile is the best thing you can wear to any event.

Those are three areas I'm working on as I venture into the workforce for the first time away from the comforts of school. Confidence is something I do not come by naturally, but I do have a strong belief in myself. Now is the time to really figure out how to exude confidence with poise and grace.

Do you have any tips for being confident?

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