Comparing Coworking Spaces in Vancouver

As the Vancouver real estate market continues to break records for high rents and low vacancies, more and more business owners and professionals are looking to creative approaches when it comes to their office spaces. In January 2019, the downtown Vancouver office vacancy rate dropped to 3.4% – its lowest level since 2008. To combat the escalating prices of rent and decreasing availability of space, shared office spaces or “coworking” spaces continue to pop up throughout the city. Whether it’s a trendy startup looking for a fun, creative setting or an experienced lawyer in need of a modern meeting room to bring clients to, options in Vancouver offer a space for everyone. 


For the Cool Tech Startup

Notorious for their brightly painted walls and foosball ridden shared spaces, WeWork is the popular choice for young professionals. Many tech startups will share that their inception was catalyzed in a WeWork space – perhaps over a pint that they serve on tap. On top of the craft on draft, WeWork amenities also include coffee and fruit water, high-speed wifi, cleaning services, 24/7 access, printers, phone booths, mail handling, bike storage, and various office supplies. Some of the spaces even allow pets! Their month-to-month payment options allow flexibility and their casual, yet energetic environment is a great place for collaboration among creatives. 



For the Travelling Consultant


A common reason for opting for a coworking space rather than a static office is the option to work from multiple locations. For professionals that travel often, Regus is a popular choice. Regus offers global access to drop-in workspaces as well as virtual offices, shared desks, meeting rooms and drop in lounges. With an all-inclusive pricing model, members pay one price for a fully-furnished office, wifi, phone, utilities, and a staffed reception. You won’t find foosball tables and craft beer at Regus, but you will find professionals from a variety of industries looking for a place to land for a few hours in between meetings or flights. 



For the Sophisticated Professional 


A market that has previously been untouched by the coworking space industry is now being serviced by Pavilion Cowork. With high-end finishings, sound-insulated private offices, and ultra-secure wifi networks, Pavilion caters to professionals like engineers, lawyers or accountants that are looking for a space to fit their needs. With private offices, hot desks, and virtual office options, Pavilion provides a space that their members feel proud to bring their clients to. Amenities include access to an upscale lounge, meeting areas, showers, locker rooms, and secure bike parking. The space opens this summer and they are now accepting pre-registrations for membership.  



Are coworking spaces the way of the future? It’s looking that way. With options for virtually any industry, office spaces as we know it are starting to pivot. Not only are coworking spaces economical, but they also allow the flexibility that many people need for their business. There’s little commitment, awesome perks, and the opportunity to network with other professionals in your industry and elsewhere. 


About Darian Kovacs

Darian brings over 15 years of experience in marketing, communications and public relations. Throughout his career, Darian has been a founder and board member of various foundations and charitable organizations. He spent five years both employed with and directing a range of entrepreneurial ventures. For the last four years, Darian has focused on the technology sector, growing a digital marketing agency, Jelly Marketing who works with various local, national and global brands.


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  1. Hari July 3, 2019 at 2:43 pm #

    Surprised you didn’t mention Werklab. You may wan to check them out.

  2. Sebastien Panouille July 4, 2019 at 7:38 am #

    Great presentation of those 3 coworking space.
    I think Vancouver offers more that just those three brand that it could be interesting to bring to the comparison chart.
    – Suites has severa location in town and also across the country.
    – the profile is a local community coworking space right in the middle of the business district – as well as other location across town
    – IQ office
    The Hive, one of the first coworking space in town on Hastings street
    – l’atelier on hasting modern, design and trendy
    – Werklab is à booming coworking in east vancouver with yoga and meditation class for the members
    – the network hub also has several location across the city
    – suite Genius
    – on a different model, the city hack use hotel lounge and business center as coworking space for members as well drop in. You can work from the prestigious Fairmont Downtown or airport as well as a couple of other other throughout the city.
    – spacecraft in Burnaby is worth mentioning as well

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