Change Your Job or Change Yourself?

This just in: millions of people around the globe are disengaged at work. Disengaged, unproductive, unmotivated – all business speak for unhappy people in workplaces.  Are you an unhappy worker?

Here’s our quick 3 step litmus test to see if you too, are disengaged at work:

1. Daily Dread: Does the prospect of having to get up and go to work fill you with anxiety, dread, stress, or anger? Sure, we’re all not exactly pleased to wake up early on Monday morning but when you get to work are you generally happy to be there or not? Are you always clock watching and counting down the hours until you’re “free”?

2. Feelings Inventory: This may sound too touchy feely but do yourself a favour and take inventory and evaluate how exactly the environment, people, and work itself makes you feel. Your work may want to feel: energizing, exciting, fun, productive, fulfilling, worthwhile etc.

3. Results: When we don’t care, it shows. So look at your actual results. Could you do better? Results aren’t a black and white indicator because even in the most miserable environments, a top performer will always be a top performer. However, consider whether you could do better – are you truly doing your best work?

Whenever I look outwards and question whether something external is the source of my unhappiness, I owe it to myself to also look internally. Could I be to blame for my unhappiness at work? Even if the environment, people, or work itself are 98% to blame for your dissatisfaction, could you at least own 2% of the problem?

Consider that more often than not, what we give we get. So, if you chose to get involved with your work more, if you contributed more, could you possibly enjoy your work more? Ways to give more range and vary on company size, culture, and more. Some ways you can contribute more are by getting involved in the company through committees, focus groups, special projects, volunteering, or social committees.

Expanding our work relationship to be about more than just the work itself can lead to personal growth, the learning of new skills, and overall greater job satisfaction. Joining a social committee, starting a running club, or volunteering at a employee event can create small joys that will all go towards making your work life a better life.

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