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Thursday, March 15th

Thursday, March 15th Name and title:  Sandy Garossino, Businessperson, Lawyer, Community Advocate and CEO Intellex Legal Project Management Tweet, tweet! @garossinoOn supporting other women:It’s essential that women support each other.  Anyone who works with effective women knows what a joy and pleasure this is.  This is true soft power, not only because it’s not only […]

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Tuesday, March 13th

Tuesday, March 13th Name + title: Jake (Jacquelyn) Hassel-Gren, Senior Manager Diversified Banking CIBC On supporting other women: It is simple; because women understand women. Without the support and understanding of other women in my life I would not be where I am today. Women help each other create environments where women feel safe to […]

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Monday, March 12th

Monday, March 12th Name + title: Katrina Carroll-Foster, Small Biz Strategist. Hoseanna co-Founder. Start-up Enthusiast. Women-in-Tech cheerleader. Volunteer.Tweet, tweet!@katrinacfOn supporting other women:When women support each other, it gives them a greater voice. And being heard allows them to make positive change – whether in the home, at work, or in government. I grew up with a […]

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Sunday, March 11th

Name + title:Evi Mustel, President, Mustel Group On supporting other women: Women are keen to learn from each other’s experience and to share their experiences. We have different challenges from men in the business world and we will be more successful if we share and support each other. How Evi gives back: I have been […]

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March 9th

Name + title: Devon Brooks / Brand, Culture & Leadership Specialist, Co-Founder of Blo Blow Dry Bar, CYBF Mentor, Lover of Human Kind. On supporting women: The coolest thing about women is most of us are hard wired to care, empathize and nurture — we have a distinct way of being that makes us uniquely […]

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March 8th

Name + title: Jill Earthy, Director, BC & Yukon at Canadian Youth Business Foundation On supporting women: Women supporting women is essential for the evolution of our community and economy.  We all know the benefits of having equal representation of men and women everywhere including the Boardroom table.  We need to work together and bring […]

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March 7th

Name + jobs: Amy Chan I daylight as a Marketing Maven. And moonlight as a Writer/Columnist for the 24 Hours Newspaper, The Huffington Post and my personal blog, On supporting other women: When will women reach equality in pay, power and influence? I truly believe the first step is when women stop competing against […]

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March 6th

Name + title: Jill Schnarr, Vice-president, Community Affairs, TELUS Why supporting other women is paramount to Jill: –          Another woman’s success is not your sign of failure.  Let’s help each other advance personally and professionally. –          There is strength in numbers. We need more good women leaders in the ‘water supply, so we become commonplace. […]

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March 5th

  Name + title: Reagan Burwash, West Coast Manager with Dermalogica and Founder of Pink Tank twitter: @pinktankgroup On supporting women: We need to create a community of success and to share ideas and motivate each other. Society tends to portray women as not being as strong or successful or only relying on our looks. […]

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