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Being Busy vs. Being Productive

Recently, a friend of mine asked me a casual question after she knew I’d had an especially busy weekend working on various projects: “So, did you get a lot done?” I thought back on my seemingly hectic Saturday and Sunday, and hmm, no… I didn’t actually cross off a lot of my To-Do’s… What the […]

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Why Action Doesn’t Result in Success

Action gets results, but clarity creates success. Have you ever been so busy that you haven’t had time to think? Do you take the approach that, as long as you’re moving, something good will happen? If so, you’re not alone. We are an action-oriented culture. We embrace and idolize busy schedules, we actively seek out […]

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Building your Tribe Online

Now that technology has removed the barriers for connection and distribution, I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to branch out and connect with people all over the world.  I sill believe that whenever possible, take your online relationships offline so as to build a deeper connection, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go to a conference in […]

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The College Life: How to save your social life

Exams, two-a-day coffees, and all-nighters; I hope the transition into “school mode” has finally hit you. But let me guess, something’s missing? Hmm what’s it called again? Oh right, a social life. With constant studying, who really has time? Well here’s the compromise: make school your social life! Who says going to school can’t be fun? […]

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Does your Elevator Pitch match your Brand? By guest blogger, Tracey Rossignol

Does your Elevator Pitch match your Brand? By Guest Blogger: Tracey Rossignol Earlier in the summer I attended a Board of Trade event, geared to small business, with some great round table sessions.  The round tables, after the lunch presentation,  provided everyone an opportunity to introduce themselves, who they are and what they do.  We […]

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Building Your Personal Brand

Many of us think of networking as being time or place specific.  We go to “networking events” after work, during breakfast, or over lunch and hand out our business card, hoping to make a connection.  But, where networking actually begins is with building your personal brand.  When it comes to professional development, nothing is more […]

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