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Are you a Great Connector?

Have you ever asked yourself the question, ‘Am I a great connector?’ This question is crucial if you want to shine as a leader in your organization and community.Being a great connector isn’t about knowing everyone in town or being a social butterfly. It’s not about wowing people with your personal network, charisma and talent. Great […]

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When the Invitation says "Black Tie"; Part Two of How To Network a Black Tie Gala

Jen Schaeffers (Chief Connector of Networking in Vancouver, the city’s go-to site for cool networking events) article on going solo to a Black Tie Gala is a must-read for anyone attending any networking event. All the tips are great, but what is most significant about Jen’s article is that she knew to ‘take it up […]

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Using social media for networking + fun! By feature writer: Garth Jackson

By Garth Jackson  Do you find yourself…? –       Tweeting under tables? –       Sending product or service updates while driving? –       Typing with one eye open at an event, in the dark, with a glass of bubbles? Why not schedule your tweets and status updates? Stay engaged in conversations that are happening around you, perhaps for […]

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5 Tips to Increase your Networking ROI

We’ve all been there. You know, that networking event where you came away wondering why you went. Sometimes is really is better to stay home. Networking takes your time and money away from alternatives, so whenever possible, give careful consideration to how you’re in the game and what return you are expecting from your investment. […]

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Networking is like Cultivating a Garden

By Ekaterina Ramirez After active networking for about 2 years, I got to understand that networking is very similar to cultivating a garden. When you grow a garden, you don’t expect the harvest next day, right? A garden needs planting, watering and nurturing so you can enjoy fruits and veggies in a couple of months […]

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7 Networking Resolutions for 2013

Aside from the champagne and the purchase of a new gym membership, the new year marks the perfect time to reflect on your networking habits over the past year and determine what did and didn’t work for you. Think back… what changes do you need to make for the future? What do you wish you […]

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How to be an Open Networker

Over the last several weeks, I have been to several different events both online and IRL (in real life), and have been thrilled by the increasing exploration and development of the “Open” concept in human interactions. I’m sure that this is not news to you. There is no doubt a growing global trend towards 4 […]

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Remembering people and names

In the last few months I have met a ridiculous number of people at networking events and festival events. I was kind of embarrassed at one event when I stared at someone and said, “I know you from somewhere.” She replied, “Yes you do.” As she said that I remembered that I had met her […]

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Power Suit, Power Networking

Vancouver’s professional networking scene is so diverse – you can meet CEOs in jeans in Yaletown or graphic designers in suits on Howe Street.  However, our laid back west coast life style often lends itself to a more casual work appearance.  Whatever your industry or profession, it pays to be polished, no matter what. Twist […]

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The importance of first impressions

Most of us know the power of a first impression – eye contact, firm handshake, bright smile.  But, do we put enough importance on our appearance when it comes to first impressions?  In a city like Vancouver where so many of us either work from home, or in very casual offices, after work networking events […]

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