Building a Vision: Behind the Scenes at BCAMA’s 2012 Conference

Networkingvar link = document.getElementById(‘link2736');link.onclick = function(){document.location = link.getAttribute(‘href');} in Vancouver Feature Writer, Jerrie Lynn Morrison, connected with Lindsay Smith to find out more about BCAMA’s Director of Vision and how she put together BCAMA’s biggest event: the 22nd annual VISION conference happening May 23.

1) How well attended is BCAMA’s annual Vision conference?

We are expecting this year to be a sold out show. Attendees represent some of BC's largest brands from a cross section of industries.

2) How long have you been a member of BCAMA? How long have you been working on BCAMA Vision?

I joined BCAMA last fall both as a member and as a director of the board. It has proven to be a rewarding and worthwhile experience. The members of the BCAMA bring a wealth of knowledge from within marketing. Because of this, we are all able to share industry experience, collaborate on projects, and build stronger relationships in the business community.

3) What does it take to gather up excellent speakers?

Finding speakers for Vision is a challenge. We are cherry picking some of North America's leading marketing professionals and asking them to take a day out of their busy schedules to share their knowledge and experience. We're very fortunate to have this year's line-up which includes talent from not only within Canada, but also form both New York & LA.

4) What are your top networking tips?

#1 – Help others before you help yourself. This forces you to get to know someone else before asking for anything in return. Networking is about building relationships and building trust. Once you have this, the community around you, naturally supports you to get you where you want to be next.

#2 – Read your audience. A good networker has the ability to assess their audience (whether it's one person or several) in order to understand what they're looking for and what's important to them. If you can understand what brings them value then you can better position yourself as someone of value that they'll want to connect with.

#3 – Be yourself and don't brag. There's nothing worse than people who try to name drop and list off their resume of accomplishments, hoping that it will position them as someone important. Instead, try to connect with people in a genuine way knowing that with an honest conversation, you can learn more about each other and offer more to each other in the long run. платиза займмикроклад займманимен займ webbankir займ личный кабинетзайм от частного инвестораманго мани займ

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