Big Sister’s Gala Event Review

Earlier this week I attended the Big Sister's Gala. This event took place at the Fairmont Waterfront on a cool and wet night. However, if you weren't already excited to be there for the cause, there were friendly volunteers and two love balls to help direct you to the registration table where I was quickly greeted and welcomed.

Big Sisters

Now, Big Sisters is a cause very close to my heart. I volunteered for just over a year with KidStart a mentoring program with a young girl in my community and found it to be one of the most rewarding causes I've contributed to. The Big Sister's gala started with a champagne reception surrounded by what must have been a 100 silent auction items. I am so fond of businesses that donate their items to great causes like this.

This was a very warm and welcoming part of the evening where most of the attendees gathered to chat and meet new people. I tried a new phrase I learned at a Networking Workshop with Narges Nirumvala. I went up to a couple, introduced myself and said “I don't know anyone here can I chat with you?”. This worked like a charm! I learned quite a bit about the lovely couple with this simple and honest ice breaker. Give it a try at your next event!

After about an hour or so of mingling in this space, the doors opened to the hall and we were greeted by a beautiful presentation of blue and silver. There were large balloons singling each table and created a fun and festive atmosphere. My only comment here was that it was a bit difficult to see the stage from the back with the balloons.

Big Sisters 3

CTV's Norma Reid and QMFM's Arran Henn were the night's emcees. The evening progressed with a lovely dialogue between a Big Sister and Little Sister who read letters to each other from opposite ends of the room. This was very touching as it gave a very real example of the impact of Big Sister's on the lives of each of this bright young women.

A beautiful salmon dinner was served and was complimented with an exciting live auction. There was quite a unique prize here where the winner got to go on set of a movie and meet the cast and go for lunch. What a unique experience that would be for the winner! After this, there was the chance to sponsor a pair for the year with straight donations. This garnered quite a few responses and really put into perspective how much it costs to put a pair together. I was impressed to learn that there are pairings that have lasted several years and continued on from childhood to the beginning of university.

Big Sisters 2

It was clear to see that there is a need for the Big Sisters. This map shows all the young little sisters waiting for a big sister match.

This was a great evening for an important cause in the community. A positive role model and source of inspiration for big sisters and little sisters is such a special relationship.  Click here to learn more about supporting the Big Sisters of Vancouver.

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