Been there, done that? Do it again!

Saturday morning.  10:00 a.m.  To go to yoga, or not to go to yoga…that was the question.  I had 20 minutes to decide.  Weighing heavily on the ‘no’ side was ‘I go every week, and it’s always the same people’ and ‘I’ll go to another class later – Mamma Mia is on the W Network and  I love me some ABBA’.   It’s combatant?  The ‘do it now!’ side of me that said ‘get your workout in NOW’ and ‘you always take away something when you go to Christie’s class – get on your bike and go!’.  ‘Do it now!’ won.

A quick snapshot as a result of attending:

  • I learned I could touch the back of my head to my heel while in a (really) deep lunge
  • I ran into four work colleagues also out to get a good sweat on to start their weekend
  • An old friend from Calgary was working at the studio and we had a chance to exchange numbers and plan to catch up

The familiar can be a surprisingly and impressively beautiful thing.

There are a number of catch phrases that encourage those of us who may be (ahem) creatures of habit to get out, try new things, and spread our ‘personality seed’ around our communities.  Things like: ‘Variety is the spice of life’, and ‘Been there, done that’, among others.  And, while there is much value in creating variety in your day to day or regular evening/weekend plans (like, say, your networking event choices…), there is untapped potential in being somewhat of a regular at local haunts, regularly occurring events in and around town, and yes, even your favorite athletic pursuits.

I am consistently enrolling others in coming to a new class with me or to simply join me for a social evening with some friends that perhaps they might not know. In reflecting on that habit of opening others’ eyes to new experiences in Vancouver, I have realized that as others take on the same action, we are building new and dynamic networking opportunities each and every day.  While maybe I cannot find someone to bring to an event one evening, there is a high probability that someone else is going to be that friend that introduces someone new that night.  And who knows; that new person could be the independent entrepreneur that inevitably could inspire someone to take a leap of faith into a new careers.

I’m a repeat offender at some awesome networking events.  There are times when I am doing the introducing, and there are times when I am being introduced to that fresh face in the room. A room full of new people and new potential connections is a very exciting prospect for expanding our networks – AND the impact of being able to get related to one or two new people in a sea of well acquainted professionals builds a very intentional foundation to a new (potential) business relationship.

So, I encourage you to definitely take the plunge and get out to new events and see who you meet, and to also keep on hitting up those events that you know and love.  You never know who might be someone’s guest – and are just dying to meet you!

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