Become Your Own Bartender With These 5 DIY Options

Whether you prefer a cold beer or a hand-crafted cocktail, there's something to be said about being served a good drink after a long week. To show support for local hospitality staff, the first Friday of December has been reserved for National Bartenders Day. This day is the perfect day to show appreciation for your local bars and bartenders, by enjoying a beverage of choice. Rather than going out this year, we decided to stay and experiment with some of the local liquor delivery apps. Liquor delivery offers a great solution in supporting your favourite businesses, without having to leave the house. In honour of the recent National Bartender Day, I suggest these 5 delivery services to keep supporting local and impressing your friends at the next virtual happy hour!


The Bar Cart

Started by the Lavish Liquid cocktail creators, Bar Cart offers a high-end drink service that allows you to craft unique beverages at home. Bar Cart offers premium craft cocktail kits for those who want something creative, including the Lavish Liquid cocktails recipes already you know and love. All kits come complete with everything you need – alcohol, custom mixers, and garnish. The liquor kit will be delivered to your door – all you have to do is mix, add ice, and enjoy! The Bar Cart is a great option for those who don't mind spending a bit extra time and patience on their order. is a virtual liquor store and app that provides customers with a huge selection of beer, wine, spirits, and mixers. The app provides everything you need to craft your own cocktails and get creative in your home bar. Unlike many delivery services, LIQR operates with free next-day delivery and offers loyalty rewards for returning customers. LIQR sells a wide selection of craft beer, spirits, and premium liquor, for those who are looking for unique offerings, as well as gift baskets for the holiday season. Gift baskets come in a variety of themes, including a games night option! Download the app today and start shopping for this Friday's drink of choice!


Legends Haul

You might have heard of the legendary service and local food collective, Legends Haul. The company offers high-quality food and drinks, locally sourced and ready for delivery. The website features a vast selection of beers, spirits, and cocktail options – include some local specialties. If you’re looking for a rare spirit or diverse craft beer selection, this is the place for you.  All orders come Our advice, don't shop on Legends Haul when you're hungry, it's far too tempting.


Provincial Spirits

Self-proclaimed as brilliant drinks for smart mouths, Provincial Spirits is a breath of fresh air. Based in the heart of Port Coquitlam, this little distillery is a great find for those who don’t want to do the mixing themselves. Serving up pre-mixed cocktails, Provincial Spirits is proud to distill and sell all their own products. From Smoked Rosemary Gin to a Yuzu Cocktail, there’s a lot to choose from.


 Delivery Networks

In response to the pandemic, many local restaurants and liquor stores have jumped on the delivery-app train in order to keep servicing customers. There are three apps, Skip the DishesDoor Dash, and Ubereats, that have expanded their services to include the delivery of beer, spirits, and other liquors. With many customers staying home, restaurants and liquor stores can maintain business and continue to keep customers happy from a distance. These apps offer a wide variety of locations to choose from, but at an added cost of delivery. 


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