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With my education finally in the rearview, I found this moment to be a critical juncture, not only to reflect on my own career goals, but to reflect on the qualities and elements that have allowed me to successfully get to this point (of course, with some teeth-pulling and face-in-pillow-screaming along the way!). I had drafted up these qualities ages ago, but was reluctant to share them until I could properly test their credibility. Furthermore, having finished my education and sitting just seven weeks into my first career-related work, I thought now would be an excellent opportunity to share some of these insights that have guided me into becoming an employable individual. I wish to share these various career-related goals I set for myself with you, in hopes of motivating you to create a personalized list of your own.


  1. Be focused on the process itself, the results are always secondary – Don’t get me wrong, you want to see results! But results are only the outcome of a meticulously and well-planned execution. The journey or path to your goals is what’s important and employers want to see how you can draw from those experiences and apply them in real work scenarios. Be process-oriented and I guarantee you, the results will follow. Success is, after all, a combination of many small things done extremely well. If you focus too often on the results, then you almost always fail to do the small things correctly during the process itself. Break this cycle! Focus on the journey!
  2. If you are waiting for your big break to come, might as well crack out the popcorn and snacks! Unless David Blaine is your brother, results never usually land on one’s lap. They come through hard work, dedication, commitment, and sacrifice. Be proactive and create the opportunities for yourself. If this means signing up for a networking event or cold-calling an employer. DO IT!
  3. Never be afraid to make mistakes and fail. Never once in my life have I been fixated on the consequences of making a wrong decision. At the end of the day, YOU have to make decisions – it’s part of growing up. Go out and get it, without the fear of not succeeding.
  4. Be different and be unique. What can you offer to an employer that is niche and different than what other people can offer. Today, millions of people have degrees and experiences, but there is only ONE unique you. What are those traits and qualities that you can draw on that makes YOU successful. Focus on these in a way that shows employers intangible benefits – up and above what your CV states. Exploit them and develop them to show employers the value in you as an individual and as an asset. SHOW OFF!

These are some of the driving elements that have made me successful throughout the years. And although I have so much more to share, I’ll leave that to future posts!

Stay tuned & chat soon,

Jordan Fernandez

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