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Finding Sustainable Solutions

It’s mid-January. Declarations about health, wellness, sleep, relationships and food/drink/lack-there-of have been made.  There is a 30 minute wait for cardio machines at the gym. You have to reserve a spot in yoga classes or you will be unfortunately non-asana-ing. Essentially, we are throwing ourselves into 2013 with gumption – feverishly working away at being […]

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submiT – what are you connecting?

Yes, I am shaking things up from ‘who’ are you connecting, and shifting the focus to a ‘what’.  Why? Well…I recently attended submiT, an evening devoted to connecting local artists to sustainable education in Ethiopia through a fun, accessible and maybe unconventional medium – t-shirts. This years’ event reached a new height of awareness and […]

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A Saintly Surf Through an Inspiring Read – Book Review on “The Saint, the surfer and the CEO”

Aside from being the kind of writer who jots down quotes, trickles ideas haphazardly onto beverage napkins and can journal in continual cursive for hand-cramp-inducing lengths, I am the kind of reader who, when engaged in a book/publication/text that grabs my attention and wraps me around the content, I find myself writing down as much […]

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Got Goals?

Opinions are mixed and varied around the power and impact of sharing goals that you set with people around you. There are proponents that advocate the power behind being open, honest and vocal about what it is that you want to get up to in life, as it creates accountability to a goal’s completion and […]

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Been there, done that? Do it again!

Saturday morning.  10:00 a.m.  To go to yoga, or not to go to yoga…that was the question.  I had 20 minutes to decide.  Weighing heavily on the ‘no’ side was ‘I go every week, and it’s always the same people’ and ‘I’ll go to another class later – Mamma Mia is on the W Network […]

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