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Why Perfectionism Will Only Slow You Down

Being a perfectionist is necessary in many areas of life (for example, when performing surgery, or building a bridge) but there are a number of other situations where obsessing over every detail becomes a roadblock to efficiency. When it comes to say, sending an email to a potential employer,  pondering  over every word and structure of the […]

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Work at Play

As adults, acknowledging the role of play is often lost if not completely forgotten. Maybe it’s because it feels too childish, or silly. Maybe it’s because the word is associated with an irresponsible use of time. The concept of play was a resounding theme during my first semester at the Centre for Digital Media. There […]

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The Invisible Portfolio

I am not a designer. I don’t know how to use Photoshop. I’m not a programmer. I build websites using canned templates. I’m not a game designer. I can’t build virtual worlds in 2D or 3D. Yet, in defining all the things I’m not, I’ve slowly been able to start to figure out what I […]

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5 Myths About Your Dream Job

Seven years ago, my friend graduated as a designer from York. That same year I graduated with my BBA from Acadia. Our shared dream: Work at an ad agency. The cool offices! The stylish people! The super amazing award-winning creative! It was enough to drive us to think of nothing else, and we did it. […]

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UX Lessons from Pearson Airport

 Let’s face it, airport waiting areas are not known for their amazing use of technology. Finding a power outlet is lucky enough, so I was surprised to recently see leather seats, polished surfaces, and contemporary looking art at Toronto Pearson Airport. After double checking I hadn’t accidentally walked into a massive first class lounge, I noticed […]

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Fail Fast, Fail Hard, Learn lots

Five months ago I decided to launch a pilot project around the idea of creating a more sophisticated experience for women to swap clothes, online. The idea of sorting through a rack of clothing to find the right size, fit, and comfort has never been an experience I enjoy. Yet I also envied those who […]

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If Money were No Matter

What would you like to do if money were no object? How would you really enjoy spending your life? A few weeks ago this video showed up on my Facebook news feed and has since become a nagging question in my head. It literally could be, the million-dollar question. For some people, this question may […]

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Tips for Networking Solo

Over the past few months I’ve found myself attending more events solo as a blogger for Modern Mix Vancouver. Although I prefer to attend events with a companion, sometimes schedules don’t match up, and for the sake of not missing a great opportunity I attend alone. Walking into a room full of strangers can be […]

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