AIM knows what a Digital City Means

AIM knows a Digital City Means: Apps to find parking spots, picture messaging to solve public issues, digital city mood readers … and a whole lot more

This Year’s Association of Integrated Marketers (AIM) December Luncheon: “How Vancouver is creating a Digital City,” featured key note speakers Nikolas Badminton, Principal, DesignCultureMind and Jessie Adcock, Chief Digital Officer, City of Vancouver. While enjoying a festive feast, marketing professionals from varying industries were presented with an overview of the creative and inspirational initiatives top digital cities in the world are doing to engage their communities. Nick demonstrated how smart, scalable digital solutions to local issues build trust and motivate citizens to embrace the new initiatives that cities leading the digital curve are creating. He also used phrases such as “evolution, not revolution,” engage through creativity,” and “service without disruption” to demonstrate how cities such as New York, London, San Francisco, Portland and Chicago have successfully digitized their cities.

Following Nick’s opening, Jessie Adcock, Chief Digital Officer from the City of Vancouver, outlined initiatives that Vancouver is taking to create multiple digital connections. We were all impressed to hear that Vancouver is ahead of the game; we’re the first City in Canada to take action with a digital initiative on the municipal government level! Some of Jessie’s plans to digitise Vancouver include: promoting digital activity to Vancouver citizens through online and social tools, expanding digital access throughout the city, establishing an incubation program for digital companies, and implementing a mobile workforce. For a more detailed list, visit .

This luncheon fed me a lot, and though my belly was full of turkey, I was also given so much food for thought – Jessie Adcock invited us to share our ideas with her by reaching out on the Vancouver City’s website. Vancouver is still in the digital initiative planning stage, and there is room for feedback and input from Van’s citizens, including you!

I was totally inspired by this event, and I highly recommend AIM to marketers at any level, from students to executives. Visit AIM’s website at, follow them on twitter @your_aim, like them on Facebook, and join their group on LinkedIn. Be sure to look out for the announcement of their first networking event in 2014, too.

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