The 3 'P's of Differentiation

If you want to increase momentum in your business, attract more qualified referrals, and have clients who are more loyal, then you should consider the 3 ‘P's of Differentiation:

Pitch – Positioning – Packaging

3 ps differentiationA few years ago, I was working with a client who had a solid offer. He had achieved a high level of mastery, was well-accredited, adhered to a reasonably predictable process and was well-liked by the majority of his clients. He was doing everything right, but, even with all that, he couldn’t seem to break through to that next level of growth. There was a barrier and it didn’t make sense. Something was inhibiting his progress.

Despite all the great things that my client did for his own clients, 3 critical things were neglected in his offer:

1.  Pitch – The Offer

Your pitch is the starting point for establishing your ability and credibility. Your clients want to see that you have clear, unwavering opinions (i.e., PASSION) about your work, and that you have made a long-term commitment to delivering and achieving great results for them (i.e., VALUE). You need to overcome their pre-conceived notion that you do the same things as everyone else. Obviously you don’t think you do, but they don’t know that. By default, they’ve lumped you into the over-arching category of your profession and it’s simply not compelling enough to them that you’re really good at what you do. A lot of people are really good at what they do. Make sure that your prospects and clients are clear that your offer is both unique and exceptional. Help them know, with absolute confidence, that you are their best choice.

2.  Positioning – The Relationship

Now that they have made the rational part of their decision, your prospects and clients will actively gravitate to you if you create an emotional pull. This is your positioning. Invite people to experience an emotional connection by helping them feel more aligned with you, your approach and your purpose. When you and your clients have a natural affinity for each other and you share the same values, you have the foundation for a loyal, long-term relationship. This is where you establish that you are their right choice.

3.  Packaging – The Experience

Packaging is the icing on the cake. It just makes everything so much better. When you take the time to create an experience for your clients, they ultimately have more confidence in your desire to help them, and they appreciate your commitment to the little things. It tells your clients that you care … not just about results, but also about the journey to get there. After all, life is fully experienced and enjoyed through the every day moments. It’s not just celebrated when we reach the end. How you create and package your client engagement experience is what establishes you as their most fulfilling choice.

As soon as my client made these subtle improvements to his existing business, he broke though the barrier. Momentum increased, qualified referrals came more frequently, and clients became more loyal. And he had more fun.

To a point, growth can be achieved through hard work and mastery; however, they won’t carry you all the way to your best potential. Your most invigorating opportunities will only present themselves when your Pitch, Positioning and Packaging are actively in sync.

What subtle shifts can you make in your business to break through to your next level of growth?

Until next time, to your success, differently!

     – Michèle

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