3 hurdles to creating a powerful and reputation-building LinkedIn profile



As the West Coast’s Marketing, Communications and Sales Recruitment Specialists, we’ve witnessed the rise of the LinkedIn profile from ‘nice-to-have’ to ‘must-have’ status. With designated areas for work experience, professional references, file sharing and even status updates, LinkedIn is part business card, part portfolio and part real-time representation of who you are as a professional.

If your LinkedIn profile is non-existent, minimal or incomplete, you’re missing out. It’s a great place to build a supportive professional network – and even to attract job offers. In fact, if you are over a certain age, you might be unintentionally signaling a lack of tech-savvy.

Here’s the 3 biggest hurdles we’re helping established professionals and job-seekers alike overcome to create powerful and reputation-building LinkedIn profiles:

1) You’re invisible

Yes, profile photos are essential (data shows that profiles with a photo receive 50-70% more visits than those without), but today’s LinkedIn is all about being social. We make LinkedIn profiles “visible” through keyword-optimization and switched-on copy that tell a clear and current story of you and your career. A compelling summary, regular updates and interactions with LinkedIn members can help you establish yourself as an industry “expert” and desirable recruit.

2) You’re an Island

Assuming you’ve had a job before (or a teacher or a volunteer position), there is zero excuse for you to stand-alone on LinkedIn. Your connections, defined by degrees of association, can link you to new opportunities and valuable information. What’s more, LinkedIn allows others to recommend and endorse you; this signals to colleagues, recruiters or even interested employers that you’re someone people respect and want to work with. We develop tailored action plans so you can build connections, gain recommendations and attract attention with an inviting summary and enviable skills list.

3) You’re not bringing any value

It’s no longer enough to simply ‘exist’ on LinkedIn. The site is fast becoming a daily stop for its 200+ million members. The draw? Member-posted PowerPoint’s and white papers sharing current industry knowledge, “groups” helping members connect with like-minded peers, status updates creating dynamic and ongoing conversation streams – just to name a few. Worrying about someone ‘looking’ you up on LinkedIn is last year’s worry. Now it’s all about what you’re doing to – as we like to say- “stand apart” while you’re there.

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