Review of Book Launch: Beyond Body, Beyond Mind – by Feature Writer: Susan Charara

Review of Book Launch: Beyond Body, Beyond Mind
Written by Susan Charara
Marketing Strategist for P3 Marketing
This is my first blog for Networking in Vancouver and it was an absolute pleasure – and privilege – to cover the Book Launch for Beyond Body Beyond Mind, authored by Dr. Sukhi Muker. A pleasure simply because the message in the book is a meaningful one and deserves to be spread!

Just over a week ago, I sat amongst a full audience at the HR MacMillan Space Centre and listened to Dr. Sukhi talk passionately about how the circumstances around us do not dictate the destiny of our lives. This being the central theme of his book, he talked about how every one of us faces challenges and how challenges are not meant to be paralyzing, but help us discover who we really are. If we choose to see them as so, challenges are usually catalysts in forcing us to look at things in a different way.

What was most inspiring is that Dr. Sukhiʼs life has served as an example of his message. He talked about having grown up in an environment full of crime, violence and drugs and after hitting rock bottom, he made a deliberate choice to steer his life in a different direction. He embarked on what he called a “healing journey” that included ten years in post-secondary, scientifically understanding how the mind and body work. In Beyond Body Beyond Mind, he shares his personal journey and how he transformed his life and the strategies he used to turn past pain into purpose.

What I most admired in listening to Dr. Sukhi is his intention is to serve as a teacher for others. His presentation, much like his book, was full of seeds of insight and bursts of inspiration. He is also one of the more entertaining presenters I have watched this year. At one point he had everyone in the audience stand and flash gangster-style Body and Mind finger signs. I just loved that he had the guts to do so and the audience loved it too! While the message in the book may not be entirely new, it comes from a place of experience and itʼs being shared from within. So often we look to the outside for insight and inspiration, when there are many examples within our own community.

On a final note, I will leave you with my favorite takeaway from the evening, which is Dr. Sukhiʼs definition of integrity. He believes that when your inner voice gives you ideas – or what he calls opportunities to shine your greatness – your commitment to following through on those ideas is what creates integrity from within. As someone who is in the midst of bringing an idea to life, this reinforced the importance of committing to my inner vision and doing what I say I will do, regardless of the challenges. To get your hands on a copy of the book Beyond Body Beyond Mind, visit

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