The Professional Women’s Network: Speak Up Speak Out: Personal Power and Respect at Work

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Date: February 21, 2013 Time: 05:00 to 07:30 Location: 2900 - 550 Burrard Street, Vancouver, BC
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Date: February 21, 2013
Time: 05:00 PM
Location: 2900 – 550 Burrard Street, Vancouver, BC
Ticket Cost: Member: $30; College/University Student Member $20; All Guests: $30
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Organizing Group

Group Name: The Professional Women’s Network
Twitter Account Name: @PWNCanada
Twitter Topic Hashtag: SpeakUpSpeakOut

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There are now 800,000 women business owners in Canada. The number of women-owned businesses is growing 60 percent faster than those run by men, yet very few of those women are enjoying the same level of success as their male counterparts.

The same is true of women in the corporate arena. The ratio of women in top jobs has remained virtually unchanged in the past 10 years. In fact, in some major organizations, early progress has given way to a stall or decline.

Whether you are running a business or interested in climbing the corporate ladder you are in a position of power. How do you feel about your own power? Does the idea of being powerful, of manifesting your power scare you?

You may know a lot about your product or service but if you choose not to speak up, if you choose to stay silent, to defer to others who traditionally hold power, how will you be able to live your purpose and achieve the level of success to which you aspire?

This highly interactive and provocative session will ensure you:

•Understand the relationship between power, fear and success
•Appreciate the sources of your personal power
•Recognize disrespectful power based behaviours and know how to respond to them
•Step into your power and manifest it respectfully for business success

About Erica Pinsky:

Erica Pinsky, B.A. M.Sc. CHRP ignites conversations that build respect. As a speaker, trainer, author and consultant she provides a full range of customized services and solutions to eliminate discrimination, harassment, bullying and destructive conflict in the workplace. She is the corporate Ombudsperson for the Vancouver Whitecaps FC and a faculty member at the Center for Conflict Resolution at the Justice Institute of B.C.

Her highly acclaimed book “Road to Respect: Path to Profit” is filled with engaging stories, powerful insights and concrete strategies for achieving sustainable success in today’s highly challenging and diverse business environment. A professional member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, Erica was a Top Ten finalist in North America’s Next Greatest Speaker contest 2012.

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