The Art of Adaptive Leadership

May 23, 2018 5:00 pm

Fasken Martineau

550 Burrard St, Suite 2900

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    2900 - 550 Burrard Street

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    The Professional Women's Network

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    Monique Ronning

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When leaders are left to toil over technical fixes searching for answers that aren't readily available, the management of an organization's environment can suffer. Adaptive Leadership is about taking a step back from the surface problems to define underlying values, diagnose competing perspectives, and unpack systemic underlying issues.

In this interactive session, Adel Gamar from the Sauder School of Business will uncover how adaptive leadership can help individuals and organizations learn anew and thrive in competitive professional environments.

The Adaptive Leadership framework is a practical toolkit that helps leaders and organizations adapt and thrive in complex environments. At its core, the framework assists in providing leaders the insights and resilience to become more effective leaders by engaging others in challenging work, particularly when facing complex systemic problems. It builds capacity within organizations by looking beyond technical challenges — asking deeper questions and mobilizing people to do adaptive work.

Join us to discuss the premise that leadership is an activity, not a person, and that leadership can be exercised by anyone, whatever their role inside or outside of an organization.

About our speaker, Adel Gamar:

In conjunction with UBC's Sauder School of Business, the Professional Women's Network is pleased to welcome Adel Gamar as our next speaker. Adel is CEO and cofounder of Gamar Leadership Group Ltd., a boutique firm that specializes in adaptive leadership, strategy and change management. For the past 15 years, Adel has advised and coached senior leaders of Fortune 500 companies, higher education, nonprofit organizations and governments throughout the world. He served as Education Specialist at UNESCO and Policy Fellow at Harvard Law School. While at Harvard, Adel taught adaptive leadership and co-facilitated the Think Tank on Global Education: Empowering Global Citizens. He serves on the Douglas College Board of Governors and the Coquitlam Foundation Board of Directors.

A native of Metro Vancouver, Adel holds an MPA from the Harvard Kennedy School of Business and a B.Ed. from the University of Calgary.

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