CSAE – BC: 3 Ingredients to a Successful Website

Date:February 14, 2013 to February 14, 2013

Time: 08:00 to 10:00
Location:Suite 307 – 8678 Greenall Avenue
Ticket Cost: 35$ – Non Member ( Price includes HST )
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Your website often serves as the face of your association and is a key resource for your members and the public. Share and
learn with your fellow CSAE-BC members at our upcoming roundtable event. We’ll discuss the ingredients of a successful
website and how to develop a stronger online presence.

Naveed Hajee from Snaptech Marketing will lead the discussion with his presentation based on 3 Key Ingredients to a
Successful Web site.

Please note: CSAE-BC roundtab le discussions are an opportunity for the participants to get together in an informal setting to
examine issues as they relate to their specific industry and/or b usiness process. Normally, there will b e no formal agenda: The
participants will determine the discussion points (designed to put participants face-to-face, on a level playing field where all
participants are expected to contrib ute to the discussion) unless there is a guest speaker/presentation.

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Please register b y Tuesday, Feb ruary 12, 2013

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