Feature Writers

NetworkinginVan is privileged to have some fantastic feature writers for the site – sharing their insight on events, tips on networking and more! Check out their blog posts here.

Chelsie Aichelberger


Company & Position:  Vector Aerospace – Marketing Projects Manager

Fave Networking Events: Events where I can be myself and where motivational stories are told. 

VicesRunning, yoga, jazzercise, travel, hysterical laughter with a good friend, and anything that brings me to the beach (surfing, scuba diving, swimming and lounging).ese include marketing meet-ups, BCAMA events, fundraisers and run clubs.



Sarah Clark

Company & Position:  Assistant to the Director of Communications at BC Hydro

Fave networking events:  Y.E.S! Vancouver events and Dress for Success fundraisers

Vices:  graphic design, skiing, travelling and meeting amazing new people. And five-cent candy.

Vices: Whole Foods Desserts, Barre Fitness, Fashion magazines, hammocks, lazy summer days

Carolyn FungCarolyn Fung

Company & Position: Noise Digital, Account Manager. Writer, Modern Mix Vancouver

Fave networking events: Events where stories and ideas are shared between people from all different walks of life. In particular events geared towards woman, small business owners, and entreprenuers.

Vices: Whole Foods Desserts, Barre Fitness, Fashion magazines, hammocks, lazy summer days

Gabrielle GaronGabrielle Garon

Company & Position: ImageX Media, HR Coordinator

Fave Networking Events
: Learning events! I like to go to events where there’s facilitation of ideas, group discussions, and knowledge sharing. I also love charitable events – what’s better than a room full of people all passionate about a cause?

: black licorice, expensive cheese, and musicals.


Karolyn Masters

Company & PositioniPartnerMedia, Inc., National Creative Director
Behind The Smile, Founder

Fave Networking Events: Being the social butterfly that I am, I truly love to attend most any event. My favourite way to network is to sit down and have a good chat with a new connection over coffee. I find it fosters a genuine interest, relationship and the focus to really understand their business and how I can best be of help to them.

Vices: dancing, wine of the red variety, design, retail therapy and last but certainly not least, I sheepishly admit, my iPhone.

Gayle Hallgren-Rezac and
Judy Thomson

Company: Shepa Learning Company

Position: Networking experts, authors, speakers

Fave networking events: Elevators, airplanes and of course Vancouver Board of Trade events

Jessica Robson

Company & Position:  Freelance writer

Fave networking: events that rally people around their passion – from run groups to BCHRMA member events to round table discussions and knitting groups, getting in touch with people living their passion creates enduring connections.

Vices: yoga, peanut butter, running, granola. ice cream. antiquing, reading, geeking out in chapters. oh… and did i mention peanut butter?

Michele Soregaroli

Company & Position: Transformation Catalyst Corp, Co-Founder + Business Differentiation Coach

Fave networking eventsFWE, smaller Board of Trade events, fundraisers

Vices: Big meaty books of all sorts, cultural adventures, fireplaces, ABBA & cheese

Tamara Von Dohren

Tamara Von Dohren

Company & Position:  Senior Promotions Coordinator of CKNW and AM730 Radio Stations

Fave Networking Events: As a newbie to Vancouver, I like events that allow me to meet new people and learn about the city’s professional community. I also like events that share creative and inspiring ideas and give you lessons to take away and having a fundraising element is also a big plus. Of course anything that involves good food and wine is of interest too!

Vices: Needless to say, red wine and good food, plus travel, cheesecake, jazz music, my gorgeous pup and anything French. Actually anything to do with Europe really.