Feature Writers

NetworkinginVan is privileged to have some fantastic feature writers for the site – sharing their insight on events, tips on networking and more! Check out their blog posts here.

Chelsie Aichelberger

1001832_10151709717805170_2023392760_n Company & Position:  Vector Aerospace – Marketing Projects Manager Fave Networking Events: Events where I can be myself and where motivational stories are told.  VicesRunning, yoga, jazzercise, travel, hysterical laughter with a good friend, and anything that brings me to the beach (surfing, scuba diving, swimming and lounging).ese include marketing meet-ups, BCAMA events, fundraisers and run clubs.

Sarah Clark

Company & Position:  Communications Manager at Telus Fave networking events:  Y.E.S! Vancouver events and Dress for Success fundraisers Vices:  graphic design, skiing, travelling and meeting amazing new people. And five-cent candy. Vices: Whole Foods Desserts, Barre Fitness, Fashion magazines, hammocks, lazy summer days

Carolyn FungCarolyn Fung Company & Position: Noise Digital, Account Manager. Writer, Modern Mix Vancouver Fave networking events: Events where stories and ideas are shared between people from all different walks of life. In particular events geared towards woman, small business owners, and entreprenuers. Vices: Whole Foods Desserts, Barre Fitness, Fashion magazines, hammocks, lazy summer days

Gabrielle Garon

Company & Position: Binary Stream Software, HR Generalist Fave Networking Events: Learning events! I like to go to events where there’s facilitation of ideas, group discussions, and knowledge sharing. I also love charitable events – what’s better than a room full of people all passionate about a cause? Vices: black licorice, expensive cheese, and musicals.  


Karolyn Masters

Company & PositioniPartnerMedia, Inc., National Creative Director Behind The Smile, Founder Fave Networking Events: Being the social butterfly that I am, I truly love to attend most any event. My favourite way to network is to sit down and have a good chat with a new connection over coffee. I find it fosters a genuine interest, relationship and the focus to really understand their business and how I can best be of help to them. Vices: dancing, wine of the red variety, design, retail therapy and last but certainly not least, I sheepishly admit, my iPhone.

Gayle Hallgren-Rezac and Judy Thomson Company: Shepa Learning Company Position: Networking experts, authors, speakers Fave networking events: Elevators, airplanes and of course Vancouver Board of Trade events

Jessica Robson Company & Position:  Freelance writer Fave networking: events that rally people around their passion – from run groups to BCHRMA member events to round table discussions and knitting groups, getting in touch with people living their passion creates enduring connections. Vices: yoga, peanut butter, running, granola. ice cream. antiquing, reading, geeking out in chapters. oh… and did i mention peanut butter?

Michele Soregaroli Company & Position: Transformation Catalyst Corp, Co-Founder + Business Differentiation Coach Fave networking eventsFWE, smaller Board of Trade events, fundraisers Vices: Big meaty books of all sorts, cultural adventures, fireplaces, ABBA & cheese

Tamara Von Dohren

Company & Position:  Senior Promotions Coordinator of CKNW and AM730 Radio Stations Fave Networking Events: As a newbie to Vancouver, I like events that allow me to meet new people and learn about the city’s professional community. I also like events that share creative and inspiring ideas and give you lessons to take away and having a fundraising element is also a big plus. Of course anything that involves good food and wine is of interest too! Vices: Needless to say, red wine and good food, plus travel, cheesecake, jazz music, my gorgeous pup and anything French. Actually anything to do with Europe really. Head shot provided by Kate Williams, Adore Imagery