Women in Biz Network: An inspiring night on how to become brand savvy with Miss604’s Rebecca Bollwitt and Heather White of 2020 Communications

Live your dream. Invest in yourself.

Women in Biz Network: An inspiring night on how to become brand savvy with Miss 604’s Rebecca Bollwitt and Heather White of 2020 Communications.

I like to sit back at events sometimes and observe, look at the dynamics, try and recognize people from twitter that I follow and would like to meet. Sometimes, I find myself in environments where no one seems approachable. Tonight that was not the case as the small Opus II room at the Opus Hotel was chock full of fantastic local entrepreneurial women. The conversations flowed and people were engaged. It was refreshing and wonderful to see!

Hats off to Leigh and her team at Women in Biz Network for putting on such a well-rounded event with two inspiring and influential women in Vancouver Rebecca Bollwitt (@miss604) and Heather White (@heather2020)

Heather White was trending in Vancouver last night – and it was a Canucks game night (a game they won 5-1). I think that speaks not only to her impact on the women sitting in the room but also reflects greatly on the amazing community of women in Vancouver; a community of strong women, smart entrepreneurs who encourage and support each other.

Since what Heather spoke about struck a lot of cords with me, I wrote another post focusing on her talk and my personal experience with some of the points she made.

Rebecca Bollwitt, a.k.a@miss604 barely needs any introduction in the Vancouver twitter/blogger landscape. She has been very successful building herself a much respected brand. She blogs, tweets, runs her own business and wrote a book. I only knew the online legend. It was fantastic to learn more about how she got started. She started by following bloggers she was interested in and a dream that she wanted to blog too. And while her first blog posts were a few months apart, she realized that she wanted to be more serious about this and discovered what she was really passionate about: her community.

Her tips on Branding your Business Online we’re simple but very important, here's what I took out of it:

–          Twitter is the #2 source of traffic to websites next to Google

–          If you don’t exist online, you might as well not exist

–          Make sure all your social media accounts are the same/consistent (twitter, facebook,youtube etc) In her case everything is     Miss604. That is her brand.

–          Companies that have a blog have far better marketing results

–          Blog often – at least once a week (you can go to and start blogging right now!) I did, although there is nothing on there yet. I was inspired!

–          Use Social Networks as a gateway to get traffic to your website

–          Be searchable

–          Google yourself daily…you’ll know someone has hacked into your account if you find a bunch of Viagra ads link to your name…unless that is your brand (not judging)

–          Make sure that if your use the Facebook “F” and the Twitter “T” anywhere that you personalize them with your brand

–          Start engaging with your community, your network. Listen to conversations. Start following the people that go to the same events as you and the people they follow (we are huge believers in this at Networking In Van and it has worked for me personally!)

–          CELEBRATE YOUR COMMUNITY, don’t just boast about yourself. I LOVE this one which is why I am shouting it out loud.

You can find Rebecca’s presentation here:

Heather White (@heather2020) engaged the crowd from her first disclaimer that she may drop a few F-Bombs (which she didn’t).  Heather didn’t speak so much about online branding as she did about learning to find your own personal brand and brought both of them together in the end. Her most recent blog post written before her presentation says a lot about who she is and what she talked about: YOU-NIQUENESS.

What makes us YOU-NIQUE?

–          Our Training: But is that sufficient? Is it enough to have a BA in Business or Marketing if a thousand other people have the same training (or more) than we do?

–          Our Hard Wires: Genetics. Born aptitudes.

–          Our Story: Obstacles we surmount, our families, our life trajectory. Those are the things that really make us unique. This is the new wave in business. If you can find a way to bring your story and love into your everyday business, you got something!

But you have to get out there and show up. YOU-NIQUENESS +SHOWING UP = OPPORTUNITIES.

Judging by the success of this event, Women in Biz’ first in Vancouver, I am sure it won’t be the last and I can’t wait for the next one.


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