To Live Tweet or Not to Live Tweet, by Guest Blogger: Tracey Rossignol

To Live Tweet or Not to Live Tweet
By Guest Blogger: Tracey Rossignol
Independent Consultancy – Branding Strategist and Marketing Consultant and Fashion Forward 40 – Blogger


I recently missed a local fashion event because I was sick.  I was particularly disappointed as I had been really looking forward to the event and networking.  So I thought I’d follow the event on twitter.  It was then that I realized how spoiled I am.   I’m used to attending events like Northern Voice, Enterprising Moms Network or Women in Leadership Foundation that provide rich and interesting live tweets.

Unfortunately most of the tweets from this event were about who was there and how the speakers were so “interesting” or “brilliant”.  But few of the tweets provided any actual reasons why the speakers were either of these things.

Social media, in particular twitter, is adding a new layer to networking and building relationships both on and offline.   It provides a way to engage with people who have similar interests online before you meet face-to-face.    It is more than just an opportunity to name drop that you are at an event with A, B, or C.   It provides a wider opportunity to share with your audience.   And build new contacts.

To me live tweeting from an event is about sharing information and building value with your twitter audience. It also has the bonus of letting you connect with other people at the same event, without actually having to stalk them over a coffee break.

So what makes rich and interesting live tweets? They should include:

* tips, inspirational quotes and/or  unique perspective of the speakers
* fun sound bites – some of the best are the ones overheard at the bar or coffee table
* pictures of people, happenings, fashion or food – I’m always a sucker for pix of shoes
* a few kudos for sponsors if they provide something worth tweeting – but try not to go over kill or people might mistake you for a sponsor
* funny observations – like what the effects might be at Northern Voice for serving 7 layer dip with lunch (okay that might have just been me)

If you aren’t sure what to tweet, feel free to RT (retweet) what others are saying.  This also saves in smart phone typing time.

An example of a recent event with great live tweets was the BCAMA Vision Conference. The tweets were so helpful that someone wrote a blog about the top 50 top things learnt at the conference.  It was written by someone who lives in Toronto and never attended the event.

So let’s go back to that fashion event.   I can only hope that someone does a great blog post about it.  Otherwise I’ll never know why the discussion and the speakers were so “interesting” or “brilliant”. Or I guess I could tweet someone and ask.

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