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Mentoring and why it’s important

Mentoring and Why It’s Important By: Jen Schaeffers, Founder NetworkinginVan I’ve had a lot of people asked me in the last year how mentoring has benefited me. This is a hard question to answer – and an answer that might require dozens of blog posts on all the different things I have gained from these […]

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Networking anxiety?

Networking Anxiety? Post by: Jen Schaeffers, Founder, I watched a really interesting documentary tonight on CBC “Doc Zone” about anxiety. It’s actually the first time I have watched a formal program with information about the psychology around anxiety, accompanied by interviews with normal everyday people who suffer from mild to severe anxiety. I am […]

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Can a girl be a Waterboy?

Can a girl be a Waterboy? BC Lions Annual Waterboys Breakfast at Hastings Racecourse Blog post: Jen Schaeffers, Founder, NetworkinginVan Coming from a career in professional sports I have heard rumblings of the infamous BC Lions Waterboys breakfasts for a long time…and no, I am not talking about Bobby Boucher.  For those of you that […]

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