Social Media: Marketing on a Budget (event review)


  • Jennifer Schaeffers (@jenu2): Marketing & Communications Director, Sport BC
  • Trevor Turnbull (@trevorturnbull): Sports Business Consultant, T3 Connect Sports Marketing
  • Kevin Jagger (@kevinjagger): Long Track Long Shot
  • Ryan McKee (@ryanmckee): Marketing Manager, Vancouver Whitecaps FC
  • Tina Rogers (@tinarogers): Marketing & Creative Services Coordinator, Vancouver Canucks
  • Nicole van Zanten (@nicolevanzanten): Social Media Coordinator, Vancouver Canucks

Kudos to Canadian Sport Centre Pacific for gathering such a fantastic group of sports marketing experts. One key theme emerged over the course of the evening – the importance of building and maintaining relationships. Social media is all about conversation – people want to connect with people, not logos.

Also discussed at length – how to provide value to current and potential sponsors via social media, and how to monetize social media channels? The Canucks are the frontrunners in this area, running sponsored contests, tweetup events, and integrating sponsors into Facebook tabs.

Kevin Jagger brought a great perspective to the discussion, as he comes at it from the athlete point of view – he has an incredible story, that he’s willing to share – and has managed to build his audience using social media, adding a ton of value to his sponsors. Recognize that your content is exclusive – no one else can tell your story. (*note: if you’re not familiar with Kevin’s story, check it out here).

Ryan McKee focused on managing negative comments in the social media realm – I leave you with his nine points, which are incredibly relevant, especially in the world of sports – where your product is variable:
1. Better your place than elsewhere
2. Let people blow off steam
3. Negative comments are not necessarily bad
4. People are meaner online than in real life
5. Establish your limits (i.e. Province example: Keep it clean, stay on the subject)
6. Spot the trends
7. Address the right things
8. Know the true impact of someone’s comment
9. Rational beats irrational – it’s just a slower starter

Click here to watch part of last night’s presentation. You can also check the live tweets from the twitter feed #sportspeak.

About Canadian Sport Centre Pacific: Canadian Sport Centre Pacific, in partnership with the national network of Canadian Sport Centres and BC network of PacificSport Centres, delivers sport performance programs to help athletes and coaches win medals for Canada. Working in support of our national and provincial sport partners, Canadian Sport Centre Pacific is creating a stronger system for the development of athletes, coaches, integrated support teams and sport performance facilities.


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