Heart to Heart Networking – Conscious Divas Date Night Event Recap

When you attend a Conscious Divas event, you can leave your handshake at home – hugs are definitely more welcome.

Refreshingly, current Social Media conversations seem to be , encouraging women to love themselves and each other. Reading Ashley Judd’s – The Conversation, or our founder Jen’s blog on Reality TV, and it there’s a growing movement for women to start supporting each other rather than hate on each other, and Conscious Divas offers a great way to do this.

I’ll be honest, the main reason I attended this month’s Diva Date Night was because Heather White was speaking. If you’ve read my previous blog on Heather, you’ll know just how much I respect her. Instead of covering the topic of the night, I’d like to introduce you to Conscious Divas, although with over 2000 likes on Facebook, you may already know about them!

Founded by Kate Muker, Conscious Divas was designed to inspire and empower women, to allow them to connect within, and to provide an avenue for women to come together and be open to a new perspective.  When asked about her reason for creating Diva Nights, Kate says:  “My goal is to create a global movement by bringing Diva Date Nights to cities around the world where women can come together for connection, growth and fun with a like-minded community of women who are passionate about being the best version of themselves. When one woman transforms, she impacts her family, friends, community and ultimately the planet” She believes that what we are as a human being transcends who we are as a mom, friend, entrepreneur, career women etc.

The format is different to your typical networking event; we sit on the floor barefoot and as far as I can tell, no business cards are being exchanged. When I ask one of the attendees what Conscious Divas is all about, her face lights up and she talks about how amazing this group of women is and how she feels a peaceful energy  at the events. This sentiment is echoed by a few other women as we go through the opening circle.

Each Diva Date Night starts with an opening circle where each woman introduces herself and shares her intention for the evening. This time, the group of approximately 40 women is a mix of devoted “divas” and newbies. But everyone seems at home and comfortable, and there for the same reasons: to connect with others and with themselves.

Following the opening circle, Kate introduces the networking part of the night or what she refers as a heart to heart connection. She provided us with 2 questions and we were instructed to introduce ourselves, to two new people and ask each of them a different question:

“What in your life is holding you back” and “What advice would you give yourself in 20 years?

The first one is met by some giggles from my new “friend” and me. It’s a pretty loaded question for someone I met 10 seconds ago…yet both of us feel safe enough to bare our souls while answering.

Following a soul filling session with Heather, the evening is closed with another go around the room.

Another attendee – whom I have met at previous networking events–said “ it’s better than a networking event cause you get right down to what matters and skip the superficial stuff”.

With three chapters around the lower mainland (Vancouver, West Van and the Tri-Cities) Conscious Divas offers a different kind of networking. One where you go to grow, connect and be inspired.   The next Diva Date Night is on May 8th & 10th in West Van and Vancouver and with the topic being: Breaking Through to Success ~ Turn Your Desires Into Reality.

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