Policy Pop-Up

August 13, 2018 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

HiVe Vancouver

128 W Hastings St

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    128 west hastings st

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    Policy Pop-Up

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    Alyson Tan

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Why can’t policy be cool? Why should millennials (set to be the largest voting bloc in the next federal election, and one of the largest in BC) not have their say in the decisions that directly impact their lives?

We think that one reason Millennials have not been as engaged as they could be is because the right outlet has not existed. That’s where Policy Pop-Up fills the gap. Operating on an ad-hoc basis, once something becomes newsworthy and relevant to young people, we step in to create a fun event that breaks down a concept quickly with experts on hand to answer any question on the topic that millennials have been wondering and unable to ask directly.

Our first topic is the trans mountain pipeline and the government's decision to purchase it. Experts in areas of the environment, law, and safety will discuss and be ready to answer any of your questions. An ‘average joe' as the panel moderator will ensure the discussion remains easy to understand – regardless of prior knowledge! Register on our website to confirm your spot!

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