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Invest in your future with an MBA from TWU

          Are you career driven but also desire a meaningful purpose? A leading-edge MBA at Trinity Western University may just be the professional and personal gateway you’re searching for. TWU’s MBA equips and empowers graduates to excel in for-profit as well as non-profit organizations. Our renowned and comprehensive program features:  a […]

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YES – 3 Ways We Can Support Youth Employment in BC

Article by: Timothy Lang, President & CEO at Youth Employment Services (YES).  The transition from education into the workplace can be a scary one. As youth are instructed to follow a specific path paved out by societal norms, the reality of fully preparing themselves to be a candidate for employment can be intimidating. With the unemployment […]

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Event Recap: “Classroom to Boardroom” – Young Women in Business (YWiB)

Last month, I attended “Classroom to Boardroom” thanks to an invite from a very good friend and former colleague Sally Lee. Sally is an SFU BA grad with additional BCIT certifications currently sitting as Social Media Coordinator on YWiB Vancouver executive team.   YWiB (Young Women in Business) connects young women with skills & support […]

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Wednesday, March 28th

Name + title: Sue Paish, Chief Executive Officer, Pharmasave Drugs (National) Ltd. The importance of supporting other women: Over the last generation there has been tremendous progress relative to the role and contributions of women in the workplace and in society generally.  This progress is not necessarily measured only by the number of women in […]

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Tuesday, March 27th

Name + title: Michelle Pockey, Lawyer and Partner, Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP and Founder and National Chair, Professional Women’s Network On supporting women: I first realized the importance of supporting women in business and the professions (and everywhere else, for that matter) when I made the transition from being a law student (where at least […]

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Monday, March 26th

Name + title: Lisa Martin, Executive Pathfinder and Leadership Coach Tweet! @LisaMartinInt On supporting other women: I strongly believe the adage “United we stand, divided we fall” is the underpinning of women’s success. This maxim is often used in battle. It means if you fight as a group you have a chance to survive and […]

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Sunday, March 25th

Sunday, March 25th Name + title: Angela Calla, AMP, Mortgage Broker, Dominion Lending Centres 2009 AMP of the Year by CAAMP, Host of “The Mortgage Show” on CKNW AM980 Tweet! @angelacalla On supporting other women: It’s essential to support each other in order to ensure women feel empowered. We need to embrace the wonderful women […]

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Saturday, March 24th

Name + title: Carolyn de Voest, Principal at Better Your Best Coaching Tweet! @betteryourbest Importance of supporting other women: In general I think that men do a better job of leaving it on the field and going for a beer after to discuss their next business opportunity.  It’s my vision to see an increased presence […]

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Friday, March 23rd

Name and Title:  Vanessa Noga, President of the Association of Women in Finance (“AWF”), Senior Commercial Account Manager & BC Women’s Champion, Royal Bank. On supporting other women: Many women have proven to be successful and dynamic entrepreneurs and leaders, but we are a long way from equal representation. By supporting, encouraging, coaching, mentoring, sponsoring, […]

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Thursday, March 22nd

Thursday, March 22nd Name + title: Renee Black, Founder of Peace Geeks (also Founder of start-up Stratalinks) twitter: @reneeeblack @peacegeeks On supporting women: During my time in Africa, I had a chance to meet and work alongside some incredible women who were playing key roles in some of the most difficult contexts in the world, […]

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Wednesday, March 21st

Wednesday, March 21st Name + title:  Elise Rees, FCA, Partner Transaction Tax, Transaction Advisory Market Leader, BC, Ernst & Young LLP Why it’s important to support other women:  Women have many diverse and challenging roles in life, most which happen simultaneously.  A strong support network can help you survive and thrive, allowing you to be […]

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Tuesday, March 20th

Tuesday, March 20th Name + title:  Judy Brooks, Co-Founder Blo Blow Dry Bar; Chief of Staff, Nurse Next Door; Partner Bravo Lima Oscar Tweet! @judybrooks Why it’s important to support other women: I have a (fabulous) daughter so I feel a responsibility to support young women in particular.  I think it is necessary for people […]

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Monday, March 19th

Name + title: Tracy Theemes, Financial Advisor, Sophia Financial Group On supporting other women: It is important for women to support each other because we are stronger together than apart. Simply, we need one another to give us the courage to face our own demons as well as to counter the resistance that comes with […]

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Sunday, March 18th

Sunday, March 18th Name + title: Stephanie Wiriahardja Community Coordinator at HootSuite; User Testing Lead and Graphic Designer for Point Locus; JCI Vancouver Nothing But Nets Lead; Web and Media Coordinator for SIFE Banner Bags. Follow Stephanie on Twitter: @mdstephanierw On supporting other women: The technology industry is evolving, but the advancement for those who […]

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Saturday, March 17th

Saturday, March 17th Name + title: Judy Thomson, CA, Chief Operating Officer, Shepa Learning Company Vice-chair, Women’s Leadership Circle Advisory Council, Director, Women’s Enterprise Centre Tweet!  @shepatweets Why it’s important for women to support one another: When women support each other we have a stronger voice to facilitate change. And, since we are globally connected, […]

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March 16th

March 16th Name + title:  Paulina Lipska, President at Young Women in Business (YWiB) and accountant and consultant at KPMG LLP. Twitter: @plipska On supporting women:  Margaret Mead said it best: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has”. As […]

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