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Be Memorable, Be Remembered

With my education finally in the rearview, I found this moment to be a critical juncture, not only to reflect on my own career goals, but to reflect on the qualities and elements that have allowed me to successfully get to this point (of course, with some teeth-pulling and face-in-pillow-screaming along the way!). I had […]

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Work/Life Balance: If life is a pie, how big is each slice?

In today’s fast-paced, career-oriented world, it can be difficult for young professionals to maintain a steady balance between work and well, everything else. Everyone needs some sort of balance in their life to function at their optimal level. This generation has so many opportunities in terms of post secondary education, jobs abroad, industry specializations, and […]

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The Reality of “Doing What You Love” is  Not Always Rainbows and Butterflies

One of my childhood friends has always wanted to be a teacher.  Since we were children, playing pretend, she was always the teacher, and I was always the student.  All her volunteering positions and summers jobs were filled with Sunday School, day camps and children’s leaders, which eventually led her through the education program in […]

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5 Ways To Ignite Your Inner Entrepreneur

This month, I feel like I’ve been surrounded by entrepreneurship. I presented the award for the category of the same name at the YWCA Women of Distinction awards, I attended the annual Garden Party for the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs (F.W.E.) and I organized and kicked off the first Young Entrepreneur series at CKNW. So […]

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Resume and Interview Tips

Job hunting and interviewing can be nerve wracking, so try and remember this – you are looking for a job that suits you and your expertise, interests and passions. During an interview, don’t get so caught up in worrying about whether or not the interviewer likes your response or gets your humour. If you and […]

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Photo: Vava Renata from Vava Voom Photography.

WCT Event Recap: Experts Share Best Leadership Advice Ever Received

The BC chapter of Women in Communications & Technology (WCT) hosted the first of their Lessons in Leadership Series, “The Best Advice I Ever Got,” in the beautiful Chartwell Room at the Four Seasons Vancouver on May 28. After a networking hour complete with cocktails and delicious canapés, a panel of three high-profile Vancouverites shared […]

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5 Steps to Significant Success

According to the online Dictionary, “Success” (noun) is defined as: 1. achievement of intention 2. attainment of fame, wealth, or power 3. something that turns out well 4. somebody successful Although the definition is clear, it leaves much to the imagination for how that outcome is to be accomplished. And therein lies one of the […]

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Your comfort zone: Get out of it!

You all know it. It’s the place that always manages to lure you in with its familiar security. The safe haven you retreat to when a co-worker invites you to her Epicure party where you won’t know anyone, or when a friend tries to set you up on a blind date. This place is called […]

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How to Keep Motivation Present

What gets you out of bed in the morning? Entrepreneurs are a motivated lot! We have big dreams, aspirations and plans and every single one of us has been motivated enough to harness inner strength, take a leap of faith and embark on the tenuous and scary journey of the entrepreneur to realize them. Motivation […]

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The importance of core values in both your personal and professional life – Feature Writer: Liz Sauve

The importance of core values in both your personal and professional life Feature writer: Liz Sauve Resident student blogger and aspiring PR professional The world of networking and networking events is something relatively new to me. Having recently completed my Certificate in Public Relations and ventured into the exciting world of professional volunteerism (shout out […]

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Mentoring and why it’s important

Mentoring and Why It’s Important By: Jen Schaeffers, Founder NetworkinginVan I’ve had a lot of people asked me in the last year how mentoring has benefited me. This is a hard question to answer – and an answer that might require dozens of blog posts on all the different things I have gained from these […]

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Not sure what to do with your life? Network

In this article, Jerrie Lynn Morrison writes about networking as a strategy for career exploration and career change. She compares careers to relationships, a mindset that helps career explorers take the time they need to navigate through a life-changing transition. Are you afraid of commitment? I am—at least for the moment. I just got out […]

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Dig Deep: An Exercise in Goal Setting

Resolutions – I’ve always disliked the term. Maybe it’s because I was never able to keep mine, maybe it’s because it seems so cliché or maybe it’s because they never seem to become a reality. Yet there I was, posting about the subject on Facebook and tweeting about it on January 1st. I prefer to set […]

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