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Dear Gabi

Dear Gabi, How do I convince a recruiter that despite having “no experience” I can still do the job and am a worthy candidate? I’m applying for an entry level job after graduating university but my resume is looking bleak. — Scott R.   Dear Scott, First off, there’s no such thing as ‘no experience’ […]

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Change Your Job or Change Yourself?

This just in: millions of people around the globe are disengaged at work. Disengaged, unproductive, unmotivated – all business speak for unhappy people in workplaces.  Are you an unhappy worker? Here’s our quick 3 step litmus test to see if you too, are disengaged at work: 1. Daily Dread: Does the prospect of having to […]

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The Art of Working for an Entrepreneur

Working for an entrepreneur can be an incredibly fulfilling, exciting, and challenging experience. Like a rollercoaster it’s fast, surprising, and has all sorts of unexpected twists. The pace is gnarly. An entrepreneur’s passion is what fuels their incredible drive; they move quicker, think faster, and act so swiftly that it might even feel spastic to […]

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Newly Promoted, Now What?

There’s nothing quite like your first promotion to leadership. You’ve been recognized for your potential, your aptitude, your hard work, and more. But getting promoted to be a people leader is challenging, particularly when you haven’t been a boss before. You’re told to go out and “motivate” a team without really understanding how to do […]

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Six Tips to Get Noticed and Get Hired

Getting noticed in today’s job scene takes pizazz, preparation, and a whole lot of detail. This is either much harder for some individuals or a lot easier for others. It all depends on not what you’re doing, but how you’re doing it. LinkedIn gives us direct access to recruiters, managers, and CEO’s and yet so […]

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The Worst Job I Ever Had

Bad jobs are everywhere. You’ve had one (or three), I’ve had a handful, and we’ve all been there. They’re fully equipped miserable machines with lousy bosses, difficult coworkers, terrible customers, and poor conditions. And if it’s really bad, there’s awful coffee, too. My first bad job was terrible, really. For starters it involved physical labour. […]

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