2012 Best Companies to Work For in BC Gala, Recap

November 28, 2012. 7:30pm. The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver. Almost 500 BC professionals (including many students) gathered to celebrate 2012 Best Companies to Work for in BC.

Peter Legge with his daughter Rebecca right from the beginning set the atmosphere for laughs, fun and cheer. Cameron Laker and David Jordan welcomed the audience.

There were many best practices among BC employers mentioned throughout the event. I think David Jordan’s speech summarized it all: “To have people fully invested in the workplace is quite simple. It is a sense of worth and a feeling of belonging.“

Best Companies in the following categories were announced:

Then I was wowed! John Herdman, a head coach of the Canadian Olympic women’s soccer team, delivered a keynote speech on leadership, overcoming adversity and team building.

Passionate, transparent, authentic, emotional are the words that can describe this presence on the stage. John delivered his messages on leadership through the story of where the Canadian women’s soccer team was when he joined them as a coach (they were emotionally broken) and how they came to winning Olympic bronze medal in London 2012.

How to share what I got from John's keynote? I guess only to give you his key points:

  • Passion is how he got where he is. He said: passion is everything. Passion for soccer was what he brought to the team. He genuinely believes that passion drives the discipline and that if you are good at what you do, the Universe brings opportunities to you. Usually it is out of your comfort zone. He urged business leaders to ask this question: “Are you a passion teller or a giver?”
  • “As a leader, choose your words carefully.” John highlighted that whether it is business or sports we need to remember that we are dealing with humans. Strategies and tactics are not the things that make a difference. Mental and emotional state needs to be taken care of. It goes as deep as dealing with what people were told in their childhood.
  • Before meeting the women’s soccer team for the first time, John (not a Canadian citizen) took time to understand Canadians. The way to go was the national anthem of Canada. Glorious and Free were the words he chose to ignite the team with. He asked them: “What will we really stand on guard for?”
  • Good Mood = Good Work. In addition to performance and learning, you also need to make sure that enjoyment is there.
  • See Thee Rise. Freedom and Glory is a choice. What is your vision? Can you see it? For the women’s soccer team it was more than just a medal. They strove to leave a legacy for Canadian soccer.

The evening was finished with the celebration of 2012 Top Best Companies to Work for in BC! Congratulations!

Top 3 Best Companies with 100 Employees or Fewer

1. Strangeloop Networks
2. Kardium
3. Habanero Consulting Group

Top 3 Best Companies with More Than 100 Employees

1. HootSuite Media
2. Daniel Hospitality Group
3. Para Space Landscaping

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