Networking is important, even if you aren't in sales!

Networking doesn't have to be just in person. Given all of our online options in 2011, I have found myself doing a lot of “virtual networking” in the last six months. Conversations on twitter, following on Linkedin. It is no longer a rarity when I sit next to someone at a networking event and find out that we follow each other on twitter and have commented on one another's posts. Meeting in person is just an extra boost to the connection!

Why Networking is Important

I liked this blog post I found on Admixweb that I wanted to share. Great info!

Meeting people
Remember that the basic element to networking is meeting people, and the more people we know in our profession or career, the more we can improve our chances of growing your business, blog, or freelance work. The whole point of networking is to meet people, in order to expand your imprint to as many people as possible.

Another get benefit of networking is that you can build your contacts. Collecting and updating contact info, like phone numbers and e-mail addresses, is a great way to expand your name and to have people you can count in your field on when you need them.

Work or employment
Networking is a great way to get jobs, clients, or projects. In fact, it has helped me procure all of my jobs, because you can directly speak to potential clients or employers, or you can even be recommended by a person you meet while networking. The potential is unlimited.

Learn from others
When you meet people in your niche field, you have the opportunity to discuss and learn from them, and them from you. This sharing of knowledge is one of the most important elements of networking, because learning from actual professionals in the field’s real life experiences is priceless.

Promoting yourself
Another benefit of networking is the ability to promote yourself and get your name out there. Especially if you are new to a community or new to your profession, networking allows you to link to other people , which can help you get more well-known in the field.