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Lighthouse Labs Info Session

Join us at our Vancouver campus for an in-depth look at our Bootcamps & Intro programs.

The format will be casual and open: a brief presentation by our Admissions Team starting at 6:30pm, followed by a Demo + Q&A period with Lighthouse Labs alumni.

Whether you've got big questions you'd like answered or you'd just like to swing by and learn a little more about us, you're welcome here!

What we'll cover:

  • Our educational philosophy
  • An overview of curriculum and course objectives
  • Our education outcomes: what will you achieve
  • Career Services
  • A day in the life of a student

Who will be there to answer your questions:

  • Alumni
  • Teachers
  • Staff

Will there be free pizza?


Curious about learning to code? Learn the basics of building + styling your own web pages and applications with our free online courses in HTML, CSS & JavaScript! Register here:

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Recruiting Strategies And Creating A Good On-boarding Process For Your First Hires

Looking to on-board your first hire or bring on a contractor? What paperwork do you need to have in place? How do you ensure you set a strong first impression? Come hear answers to these questions and more in an in-depth workshop by HR experts at

Who is this for:

Founders of companies that are bringing on their first employees

HR specialist looking to set up a strong onboarding process

You will Learn About:

Hiring vs. Contracting.

Strategies around recruiting, interviewing, and compensation.

Onboarding process.


5:30PM – Registration & Networking

5:45PM – Presentation begins

6:45PM – Q&A

7:00PM – Networking

7:30PM – Wrap-up

About Your Speaker:

Allison Guld

Allison’s strategic, operational and management experience in recruitment and HR was honed in high tech organizations such as Blast Radius, Ernst & Young, and MDA. No stranger to entrepreneurial adventures, Allison’s first company paid for her university degree. She went on to be a top performer as a 100% commission high tech recruiter which segued into her own recruitment agency in the late 1990’s. She spent the last 10 years working in-house for high growth companies in senior human resources roles until 2015 when she co-founded amui with partner, Stephanie Lyster.

Stephanie Lyster

Stephanie has experience identifying and implementing strategic HR solutions including workforce planning, performance management, recruitment and change management. Her background in building people infrastructure for high growth companies cemented her belief that HR should not be a cost function but a strategic partner for performance, cultural influence and retention. After establishing herself in corporate HR roles, Stephanie pursued her entrepreneurial interests as a consultant starting 2009 until she co-founded amui in 2015 with partner, Allison Guld.

Amui is a company that is changing the way that organizations interact with HR by providing on-demand access to HR knowledge so everyone makes better decisions. Allison and Stephanie are frequent speakers at industry events providing informative workshops and insights into the innovation potential of HR technology to transform business.

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IMPACT StartUp Visa Program Meet & Greet

7 new companies are arriving from 5 different countries to start their businesses in Vancouver.

Join us for an evening of networking with investors, mentors, and community partners that will be supporting them.

Spring members and alumni are welcome too.


5:30PM – Arrive & Networking

6:00PM – Company introductions

6:30PM – Food & Networking

7:30PM – Wrap up


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Creating A Successful Customer Development and Discovery Process (2-part Workshop)

Who is your customer?

(Think about it)…

If your answer is: “Everyone”, then we need to talk.

As a social entrepreneur, your mission is to solve your customers’ problems. One of the biggest reasons why startups die is because of their failure to understand their customer.

Customer Discovery is the growth hacker’s approach to market research and can dictate the future of your product/business.

Join us for an in-depth 2 part workshop where you’ll learn how to find the perfect customer on a tight budget.

You will learn:

  • How to find the perfect customer
  • How to test your product on your customer
  • How to guide unbiased user interviews
  • Your next steps after Customer Discovery


January 23rd (Part 1):

12:45PM – Arrive and settle in

1:00PM – Mapping assumptions

1:30PM – Understanding who to approach and where to find them

2:00PM – Designing your questionnaire and figuring out what questions to ask to validate your assumptions

3:00PM – Wrap up

January 30th (Part 2):

12:45PM – Arrive and settle in

1:00PM – Reviewing your interview questionnaires

2:00PM – Reviewing initial results from customer discovery/understanding how to analyze findings and proceed

3:00PM – Wrap up

About Your Speaker:

Chin Hing Chang Sea To Sky Summit Spring

Chin Hing Chang, Head of Growth @ Spring

Chin mentors employees looking to start a new venture and non-profit organizations looking to spin out a for-profit venture. At Spring, he has helped our 450+ entrepreneurs launch over 230 companies. As a speaker, Chin focuses on ACTIONABLE advice and processes, not just the motivational fluff, and have presented at various conferences and companies including Protohack, PVCC, RED Academy, and many more.

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Spring Breakfast Talks: Scale Your Online Business

Do you sell products on Amazon or would like to start?

Join us for a breakfast Q&A session on things you need to know to sell successfully on Amazon.

Topics for discussion:

  • Brief explanation of the online avenues for consumer packaged goods
  • Understand how to assess the cost of selling online, so you can price your product competitively and profitably
  • Key aspects of well performing product pages
  • Operational proficiency as it applies to the flow of orders and the expectations of the industry
  • Supply chain management as it applies to having appropriate inventory levels to grow your business.
  • Interacting with Amazon, when it’s near impossible to talk to anyone, or find an email contact that can properly answer your question
  • Handling returns and packing goods to avoid damages

Subject Matter Expert

Brad Glessing, Glessing Enterprise Inc.

Brad has over 35 years of experience in senior management positions with mid-sized consumer packaged goods companies, the most recent position was CEO of AZ Home & Gifts. Brad realized the opportunity in the online channel and with his team became a top 20 vendor at Amazon (home division) and achieved Platinum Vendor status. Currently, Brad and his colleagues help companies grow their online business with a focus on operational proficiency and supply chain optimization. You can contact Brad at

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Increasing Trust, Reputation and your Brand through Privacy Management

Privacy is all around us. What does Yahoo, Equifax and Heathrow Airport have in common? They could have managed privacy a bit better. Did you know that the cost of a data breach in Canada was $278 per record in 2016? Are you aware that there has been a 2,500% increase in sales of ransomware just in 2017?

In a hyper connected world where data insight gives organizations a competitive edge, the risks of managing and safeguarding that data – specifically personal data – have increased exponentially. How then, as business management professionals, can we influence the importance of privacy and security management while at the same time we become enablers of innovative business models?

Join us for this event where we will explore the opportunities that lie ahead in terms of increasing trust, reputation and brand exposure through the compliant management of Private information.

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Data Science Vancouver | A Panel Discussion on Machine Learning, Deep Learning & AI

Named the “sexiest job of the 21st century” by the likes of the Harvard Business Review, Data Science is one of the tech industry’s favorite new professions.

It’s a field that’s growing and involves complex disciplines like machine learning, deep learning, statistics, mathematics and more to extract insights from data, adding value for every team within a company.

With so many growth opportunities, it’s more important than ever for every industry to understand their data and optimize their business accordingly.

Join us for a Data Science Panel Discussion where we’ll dive into the real-world applications of machine learning, deep learning, and AI with expert Data Analysts.

Please note you must RSVP ( via our official website to attend this event.

Topics of Discussion

• From data cleaning to building algorithms – what does Data Science entail?

• A break down the various Data Science technologies like machine learning, deep learning, and predictive models

• The key tools used by Data Scientists like Churn modeling, linear models, Python, decision trees, prototyping and recommendation engines

• How Data Scientists collaborate with other teams in a company to solve problems

• How Data Scientists take their data to drive positive change

• How Data Science can be applied to various industries, from marketing to accounting to eCommerce

• Data Science best practice for companies large and small

• Real-world examples of Data Science in action

• How to measure the effectiveness of Data Science solutions

• Advice to those looking to dive into Data Science


Sara Weinstein
Data Scientist & Project Lead

Keith Edmonds
Data Scientist, WorkSafeBC

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Google Analytics Workshop in Vancouver

Looking to better collect and analyze data to make your marketing strategy decisions? Google Analytics is the best place to start. Once installed correctly, GA has the ability to collect a vast amount of information – from something as broad as monthly website traffic to the amount of revenue brought in from a specific social media post or e-mail blast.

This full-day workshop will teach you how to navigate the Google Analytics platform to access and analyze data that is meaningful to your unique marketing decisions.

RSVP Here.

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BCAMA’s Annual MIX Conference


Immersive marketing is changing the way brands connect with their consumers. Brands are using virtual and augmented reality to increase engagement, create memorable experiences, and take storytelling to the next level.

Get inspired by hearing from brands who have launched successful immersive marketing campaigns, and meet the agencies who bring these creative experiences to life.

Attend BCAMA’s Annual MIX Conference and enjoy:

  • Interactive & immersive demos
  • Keynote & panel sessions
  • Complimentary drinks & food

Schedule of Events

5:30PM – 6:30PM – Registration and Networking

6:30PM – 7:30PM – Panel: Immersive Marketing – A Closer Look

7:30PM – 8:00PM – Keynote: Augmented Reality – Bring Your Marketing to Life

8:00PM – 9:00PM – Closing Remarks and Networking


Immersive Marketing – A Closer Look

While the use of immersive marketing is rising, these technologies have yet to hit their tipping point. Is immersive marketing just a trend, or here to stay? Hear from brands and agencies that have implemented campaigns themselves. Our expert panel, comprised of senior level executives will discuss key topics such as:

  • What prompted them to take the leap into immersive marketing?
  • How are they measuring ROI on their campaigns?
  • How can brands add immersive marketing to their mix?
  • What level of investment is required?
  • Is immersive marketing a trend, or here to stay?


Augmented Reality – Bring Your Marketing to Life

Shazam has changed the game by making augmented reality accessible and scalable for brands. In this first-ever presentation on Canadian soil, Adam Bauer of Shazam will share with us the next phase of immersive mobile marketing.

Discover how to bring your marketing materials to life—products, packaging, advertising, events and more — through augmented reality experiences including 3D animations, product visualizations, mini-games and 360-degree videos. AR creates immersive experiences and allows brands to reach audiences through a compelling, interactive new medium.

To learn more about the event and speakers visit the event page here.

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TechStarters Code Night!

 Have you hit a roadblock in your learning to code journey? Want to begin coding, but don't know how to get started? Tech Starters aims to provide a space for coders of all levels to come together, work on projects and chat. Join us at the Lighthouse Labs campus anytime between 6pm and 9pm for Tech Starters Code Night!

This is a casual, friendly evening where everyone is welcome. We encourage you to work on current projects, school work, explore free coding resources or just chat tech.

If you're ready to take your coding skills to the next level, Lighthouse Labs' part-time Intro to Web and Intro to iOS courses start every 6 weeks. You'll learn the fundamentals of web or iOS development, how to communicate with a team of developers and have the chance to try building your own basic apps.

Want to pursue development as a career? Our Bootcamps run for 10 weeks and is the perfect starting point for a career change into development.

Find out more info @

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Growth: The Peaks and Valleys

When: Tuesday January 23, 2018 from 5PM to 8:30PM
Where: PwC Vancouver (250 Howe Street — 14th Floor)
General Admission: $55
Founder Rate: $25
VEF Members: FREE (Not a Member? Become a VEF Member)

On Tuesday January 23, 2018 join us for a fireside chat with Varagesale founder Tami Zuckerman who will talk to us about her wild rollercoaster ride through her startup. VarageSale was one of Canada’s hottest startups raising $34M in investment from two prominent silicon valley VCs, Sequoia Capital and Lightspeed Venture Partners. A Canadian app and listings marketplace that acts as a virtual garage sale or swap meet as well as a social meeting place sold to Verticalscope late last year. VarageSale Inc., based in Toronto, started five years ago, the underground phenomenon had been picking up speed since its first injection of U.S. capital in July, 2014 find out the peaks & valleys of raising large sums of capital and growing an online consumer company.

Ticket Includes: Canapés, Steam Whistle Beer, Networking, Panel Discussion, and more!

5:00PM to 6:00PM: Registration + Social (light bites)
6:00PM to 6:30PM: Welcome + Lightning Pitches
6:30PM to 7:30PM: Panel Discussion + QA
7:30PM to 8:30PM: Networking (light bites + Steam Whistle beer)

Beer Sponsored By:

Terms & Conditions

All Tickets Are Final Sale.
Must be 19+.

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Super Charge Your Social Media Marketing (& SEO)

Do you want to Super Charge your Social Media engagement? Make your Marketing Magnificent?

Did you know that Social Media is now one of THE most important factors in search engine ranking (SEO)?

If you are out to change the world, you need to tell people about it!

Join Nicole Donnelly, Spring CMO & Kurt Pichler for a super fun and educational 6-hour session where you will learn how to get your customer’s attention and how to keep it.

We’ll show you how to automate as much as possible on your path to purposeful popularity.

Who Is This For:

The Marketing Workshop is designed for early-stage companies and nonprofits that want to raise brand awareness, search engine ranking, and sales.

In just 6 hours, you will:

  • Create and execute on a social media plan.
  • Gain a clear understanding of industry best practices to land you at the top of Google.
  • Discover how to approach social media in your own way.
  • Better understand audience psychology and how to automate authentically.
  • Build a repeatable baseline process that you can use to train and tool up other social media marketing teammates.

Learning Outcomes:

This workshop systematically takes you through the social media curation/creation/posting process with pre-work and homework consisting of readings, questions to answer, and targeted next steps.

You will learn how to use new technology that’s so simple your grandma can use it!

Meet Your Instructors:

Nicole A. Donnelly, Spring Global CMO, Spring Advisor & Facilitator

Through proven processes and systems Nicole co-creates with fresh and seasoned entrepreneurs to invent their own remarkable, memorable, and profitable paths to success. Whether talking about her latest work in emotional intelligence, running an ultramarathon, being a mom, pulling big air at the XGames, or launching, growing, and selling BabyLegs, a multi-million dollar international business, Nicole is fiercely committed to sharing the powerful lessons learned along this journey.

Kurt Pichler, Sierra Knight Financial Group Inc.

Kurt is a compulsive entrepreneur which is a serial entrepreneur who has way more fun at life. He is more of a philosopher, financial historian and a student of social science than a shark. He believes that win-win is too cliché but is more into creating opportunities for human development and bring the best out of others while applying their strength in a mutually beneficial manner in order to have fun.

An entrepreneur at heart, accomplished fundraiser and business strategist, he has 15 years of putting deals together, creating opportunities and getting them funded.

Here’s what people are saying:

“I just saved myself from hiring someone to do my social media!”

– Joao, Seattle Entrepreneur

“Now I understand how important social media in marketing is for all businesses and how automation can help.”

– Annie, Vancouver Entrepreneur

“Creating marketing materials and websites for other businesses, I couldn’t even keep my portfolio up to date, let alone write and post content to my blog or social media.

Having tried out other social media schedulers, my main concern was time and results. Using this tool has been incredible!

I am already seeing the movement to my stagnant engagement on Facebook. This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

– Lacey Jane, Owner, Highly Anticipated Graphic Design & Websites

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Professional Speaker Masterclass

Join Professional Speaker and TEDx Speaking coach Dustin Hogan, for a content-rich Masterclass designed to give you insight into what it takes to become a professional speaker, to grow a speaking business or to use speaking to expand your entrepreneurial ventures and impact!

Gain real-world professional speaking experience from someone whose business isn’t just “training other trainers.” In addition to delivering world-class instruction on public speaking, Dustin runs successful personal-growth seminars for entrepreneurs throughout the year!

Get your tickets!

What you’ll get when investing in the Professional Speaker Masterclass

1.) A custom workbook that contains exercises and resources you can use immediately to expand your impact by speaking professionally.

2.) A copy of the “Speaking Business Blueprint” – This document outlines the path you can take with your speaking to generate immediate results.

3.) The TOP 10 list of what to avoid when creating your own workshops and seminars.

4.) A “How-To” guide for structuring your presentations to create maximum inspiration, income and impact!

5.) A “Step-By-Step” plan for marketing yourself as a professional speaker.

6.) And so much more!!!

This Masterclass is for you if….

  • You’re an entrepreneur who wants to expand your business by delivering impactful presentations, workshops or seminars.
  • You’re a Toastmaster who wants to take the next step and become a pro.
  • You have a MASSIVE desire to make professional speaking your life!

This Masterclass is not…

  • A sales pitch fest – We briefly talk about our program and do so in a fun and inspiring way – But that's it! Expect a ton of value the ENTIRE time!
  • Another “rah rah” event – Expect to leave with actionable strategies you can use immediately.
  • An event that judges you for what you have or haven't achieved. We're all on our own path of success and transformation. Be where you're at and enjoy the ride!

This IMPACTFUL session is filled with insights, strategies and information you will not hear anywhere else! Make 2018 your year for dreaming big and taking MASSIVE action!

Get your tickets!

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Social Media Strategy

No digital marketing strategy is complete without a social media content plan. How you use social media, whether it be to promote products or services, tend to customer inquiries, build your brand personality, or attract new customers, requires thoughtful planning and defined KPIs. With so much ‘noise' on today's social media channels, it's imperative that your content provides value, that it's meaningful, and shared strategically.

This full-day workshop will cover the foundations for developing and implementing a successful social media strategy using today's most popular channels.

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Retirement Ready Panel

As you approach retirement or ponder how you’ll stop working, you have to ask yourself: Are you retirement ready? It’s a particularly crucial question in British Columbia, where one-third of the population is nearing 50 and 17 per cent has already achieved senior status. We are nearing an unprecedented shift that will shatter economic and social foundations of our province. With the help of leading experts, the BIV Retirement Ready panel discussion will investigate how and when to retire and how to embrace what should be the triumphant years of a longer life.

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Whistler Open Forum Event

January’s Open Forum is a one-of-a-kind event that you won’t want to miss.

We are a generation of restless women, juggling roles and reevaluating goals but never quite satisfied. Cathy Goddard of Lighthouse and Dawn Armstrong of Live Your Great Big Life are going to walk you through the common traps that women fall into: guilt, compromise, addiction to speed and multitasking, never being finished and doing it ALL.  You will leave inspired, connected to others and armed with a women’s toolkit to break down barriers and unleash your full potential.

Whether an entrepreneur or an intrapreneur, married with children or single by choice – you will want to be a part of this transformational workshop.

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Women in Tech Regatta

Vancouver is joining as a host for an international event series WOMEN IN TECH REGATTA, also held in Seattle and Amsterdam!

Women in Tech Regatta (WiT Regatta) is a curated collection of events, workshops and conversations designed to connect women in tech to mentors, peers, resources and to the power of community. We will dwell in the realm of what’s possible, rather than simply what is. This week is about tapping into our dynamic, talented community.

The WiT Regatta is organized in collaboration with BC's Women in Tech Coalition that includes 30 local and provincial women in tech groups. We’ll come together to amplify careers, actualize goals, define the future of tech and blow our own minds.

The WiT Regatta is an inclusive event. Regardless of your area(s) of expertise, all genders and career levels are welcome and encouraged to participate.

Our 2018 agenda includes:

Monday Kick off opening party– Resource reception featuring over 30 orgs from our vibrant city that support women and girls in tech- all during one night, under one roof (at the fabulous Science World! ) Connect with industry leaders who can help you find new opportunities, provide you with valuable networking and powerful insights to push your career to the next level.

Port Tracks: During the week we’re hosting over 20 breakout sessions across the city. Sessions are grouped thematically and each session will be hosted at 1 of  5 ports. Attend all or create a

personalized itinerary aligned to your specific interests.


  • Port 1: Tech Mavens (keeping you relevant in tech)  We’ll be talking about everything from AI, to Crypto-Currency, to growing as a coder.

  • Port 2: Inclusive Culture (Allyship)  The focus here is on ending gender bias in the workplace & building stronger, more diverse teams.

  • Port 3: Leadership (CEO’s & Startups)  We’ll hear from a diverse group of CEO’s and startup leaders who will discuss multi-dimensional leadership, building credibility and avoiding isolation.

  • Port 4: All about YOU (Build your story)  This is all about you- being bold,  intentional and building resilience. Pump up your side hustle and put some mojo into your personal brand.

  • Port 5: Career Acumen (Building relationships) Learn about how storytelling, mentorship, and meaningful connections will help you meet your career goals and win the race.

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The Future of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Artificial Intelligence

Virtual reality augmented reality, and artificial intelligence signify the next wave of technology trends. This convergence is not only changing how we experience technology but also how we create it.

3D and spatially aware experiences created through AI and machine learning requires a new approach to thinking about designing user experiences and digital products for customized and adaptive interaction models.

Join us January 25th with Microsoft as we explore these emerging trends, how user experience design practices need to evolve for new platforms and the impact of AI and machine learning. We’ll discuss the state of the industry, share best practices for dealing with these new paradigms, and try to chart out a path forward that puts the human experience at the center of it all.

Please note you must RSVP through our official event page to attend this event.


Topics of Discussion

• A break down of future technology trends like virtual reality, augmented reality & artificial intelligence

• Best practices when adopting new technologies

• Designing user experiences for AI

• Advice to those looking to dive into VR/AR/AI

• Audience Q&A



Charla Pereira, Senior Design Manager, Microsoft

Ryan Nadel, Senior Program Manager, Microsoft

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BrainStation Vancouver Info Session

Interested in building your digital skills? You've come to the right place. Our goal is to empower you to stand out digitally, through courses, bootcamps, workshops, and events.

Whether you're looking to transform your career or level up in your current role, we host free Info Sessions to give you an opportunity to explore all that we have to offer in Vancouver and identify what works best for your learning goals.

RSVP here. (

Meet our BrainStation Team

Get to know our Learning Advisors, ask questions and find out what course is best for you.

Take a Tour

Explore the classrooms, student lounge and event space in our beautiful state-of-the-art campus.

Meet our Educators

Get to know the industry experts who lead our classes and help develop our curriculum.

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15th Annual Small Business BC Awards

This year the Small Business BC Awards are celebrating their 15th anniversary with an elegant gala dinner. Enjoy an evening of networking and an inspiring celebration of BC business as the winners of the awards are announced for the first time. Mingle with the entrepreneurs who are building the businesses of tomorrow, chat with industry experts, and connect with those who support the growth of small businesses. As the largest small business awards competition in the province, this event offers the unique opportunity to recognize the outstanding achievements of local entrepreneurs and provide a powerful platform for future success. Early bird tickets are limited, so reserve yours now!

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