Past Connectors of the Month

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Connector of the Month: Christine Pilkington | April 2013

headshot_christine (1)Work: CEO of Crisp Media Inc., publisher of VancouverMom.caEntrepreneur Mom Now and City Mom Now – Canada's largest network of sites delivering local content to urbanite moms.

After Work: Mother. Hoster of impromptu dinner parties. People gatherer. Knitter.


Fave Networking Events: FWE would be my absolute favourite, but also any event involving fashion and wine. I also love fundraisers since you can meet people and raise money for a terrific cause. One-on-one meetings are best though.

Networking Advice: Build deep relationships by focusing on one-on-one connections. Feed your network and it will feed you. Look for ways to partner and work together.


Connector of the Month: Fawn Mulcahy | March 2013

Fawnz_Illustration_300px_v2NameFawn Mulcahy

Work:  Senior Manager, Sponsorship Marketing, RBC

Instructor, SFU Continuing Studies – Public Relations, Digital Communications and New Media Journalism Certificates

After Work: In unranked order: walker of dog; watcher of movies; and reader of books and newspapers.

Fave Networking Events: As a multi tasker, I prefer networking events that include professional development opportunities (like the Vancouver Chapter of the CPRS or BCAMA events).  Truthfully, I much prefer one-on-one meetings over coffee.

Networking Advice: Take care of your network and your network will take care of you.

Twitter: @thefawnz

Connector of the Month: Stephen Jagger | February 2013

de507ae6a6925886080316b0a5938bd8NameStephen Jagger

Work: I'm working to grow our newest company, in Southeast Asia.  PayrollHero is a time, attendance, scheduling and payroll app that is in the cloud built for web and mobile.  We have clients all over the world, and are focused on expansion currently in the Philippines.  I also own (with my business partner Mike Stephenson) and have offices for both companies in Manila, Philippines and Whistler, Canada.  (we're hiring!!)

After Work: Travel. My family and I are touring all over Southeast Asia – there is so much to see and do.


Fave Networking Events: Almost any tech event is usually a good time.  I enjoy events that are full of entrepreneurs trying to do amazing things.  It is always great to meet and learn from others trying to grow a business.
Networking Advice: If your running networking events… booze helps.  It gets people talking and softens up the environment, especially if most people don't know each other. is a fantastic resource for organizing events and of course starting and finishing on time is important.  There is nothing worse than making people that showed up on time, wait for people who are late.  (assuming you have a speaker or presentation)


Twitter: @SJagger but I'm enjoying Facebook more these days

Connector of the Month: Melissa Carr | December

Name: Melissa Carr

Work: Communications, UBC Faculty of Medicine

After work: CEOE (Chief Executive of EVERYTHING) at

Fave Networking events: I love attending any events that involve female entrepreneurs or women in business. I was an Event Manager for years and I have to say that the networking events in that industry are off the hook. Party planners obviously know how to throw a rockin party! Which leads me to my last point…is it wrong that I also prefer events with a host bar?

Networking advice: Sometimes it takes me a little while to “warm up”. I like to find one or two people I know and ask them to introduce me to someone else at the event who they know (especially if it is someone I have been wanting to meet or speak to). I also try to connect with people on Twitter before an event and make a point of saying, “Are you going? See you there!” It's almost like making a mini-date/appointment. It would be rude to not go and say hello after saying you would!

Twitter: @meliss604

Quote to live by: If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun. – Katharine Hepburn

Connector of the Month: Katrina Carroll-Foster | November

Name: Katrina Carroll-Foster

Work: Where to start! I'm the classic 21st century worker, juggling various commitments. I'm a brand strategist, advisor & entrepreneur. I run and build brand strategies and growth-oriented marketing plans for my clients. I work with all sorts of great companies, often in their startup or early growth stages. I also founded my e-commerce startup, Hoseanna, with my best friend and business partner 2 years ago. Given that black Lululemon's are more of a legwear habit here than hosiery, it made sense to base our business in NYC. Oh, and I'm also excited to be doing project work with FWE.

After work: There is no real ‘after' work – and I'm just fine with that. It comes with the territory of having your own businesses. I'm a proud advisor to a couple startups, and a mentor for an amazing FWE member. But on a winter weekend you'll likely find me riding Harmony Chair in Whistler, and on a Friday summer evening I'm usually kayaking in the Cove. Don't confuse me for just an outdoor lover though. Nothing gets me more excited that a fine wine and a tasty meal.

Fave Networking events: Generally, anything run by FWE. Their events are tailored to women entrepreneurs, and I find both the attendees and the topics totally on point. I tend to steer clear of anything that involves business cards in glass bowls.I much prefer one on one coffees. They're meaningful, relevant and provide a real chance to connect.

Networking advice: Ask yourself what can you offer someone. Networking events are fine, but the best way to truly form a meaningful connection is to get involved. Join a committee, be a mentor, offer up help to someone, open your address book. What you give always comes back.

Twitter: @katrinacf

Quote to live by: Je ne regrette rien (Edith Piaf) and Be The Change You Wish To See in The World (Ghandi).


Connector of the Month: Minna Van | October 2012

Name: Minna Van

Work: I don't really work, I love what I do too much to call it work…. can we say I'm funemployed? I'm one of the cofounders of The Network Hub – Vancouver's coworking space!

After Work: On Tuesdays, I work with Michael – an instructor from Maelstrom Martial Arts who trains me at the office and Sundays, I zen it out with Sharan from Yoga On The Flow. Other days, I play around with building apps & breaking APIs.

Fave Networking Events: At the risk of being incredibly biased, I have to say Freelance Camp! Not because I'm one of the organizers but because working for yourself is great but working by yourself isn't that great all the time. Networking for me is beyond shaking hands & finding that person on LinkedIn to add after an event, at the risk of sounding cliche, it is about finding that common bond and build a relationship from there. It is about relating to the pain and working together to find a solution – that's what Freelance Camp is to me!

Networking Advice: FOLLOW UP!!!!!!!!! I can't emphasize this enough, I see people putting so much effort in getting dressed for an event, setting goals of how many people they talk to, carefully crafting what their icebreaker will be and how they exit the conversation leaving a last impression but over and over again as soon as the event is over, there is no follow up. If you can't spend the time to send an email to follow up, at least send a tweet – it's only 140 characters!

Twitter: @thenetworkhub

Quote to live by: “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.” – Dr. Seuss

Connector of the Month: Bob Kronbauer | September 2012

Name: Bob Kronbauer

Work: I'm the founder of the Canada Is Awesome network of web sites and editor-in-chief of our flagship property, For ten years I worked as a creative director and professional photographer until this project – which was supposed to be a side project – swallowed me up a few years back!

After work: I'm a father, husband, and a fisherman. Luckily for me my wife and son love fishing and the outdoors as much as I do so we find ourselves under canopies of trees quite often. It might sound strange but when I'm asked about my favourite things about Vancouver top of the list is how easy it is to get the heck out of it.

Fave Networking events: Definitely my 50 Coffees series of meetings where I've challenged myself to go for 50 coffees with 50 strangers in 50 weeks. It's proven to be the most incredible series of small, personal networking “events” ever and has really expanded my network. I'm actually about to flip it into “500 Coffees” because not only is it good for business and makes for interesting content on our site but it's just a lot of fun to meet with people doing awesome stuff in and for our city.

Networking advice: Go for 50 coffees with 50 strangers over the next 50 weeks.

Twitter: @VIAwesome

Quote to live by: “There will be days when the fishing is better than one's most optimistic forecast, others when it is far worse. Either is a gain over just staying home” – Roderick Haig-Brown

Connector of the Month: Richard Loat | August 2012

Name: Richard Loat

Work: Recent SFU Graduate, looking for that next chapter. Management consulting freelancer.

After work: CEO/Founder of Five Hole for Food, super hero, youth mentor and disaster relief aid worker

Fave Networking events: Anything informal. They don't have to be events to be opportunities to network. 30 Grinds in 30 Days (#30grindsin30days) was a perfect example of that, something that proved much more successful as a networking endeavour than some other events.

Networking advice: Don't take the path well trod. It's great to have idols, but don't be the next “someone”. Be the first, you.

Twitter: @mozy19/@fiveholeforfood

Quote to live by: Life shouldn't be a journey to the grave with the idea of arriving safely in an attractive & well-preserved body; but to skid in sideways, body all used up, worn out & yelling WOO HOO! WHAT A RIDE!

Connector of the Month: Mark Busse | July 2012

Name: Mark Busse

Work: Founding partner and managing director of the Vancouver-based strategy and brand design firm Industrial Brand, a past president of the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada, and a design educator and writer.

After work: Avid contributor to the creative community and host of CreativeMornings/Vancouver a free monthly breakfast lecture series on creativity. Also a passionate cook, food fanatic and co-founder of the popular food blog,

Fave Networking events: Rain City ChroniclesLikemind VancouverInteresting Vancouver, but most of all cocktail and dinner parties with plugged in and fired up friends.

Networking advice: Quit bitching and get out there. Ask for help, but don't be a pest.

Twitter: @markbusse (personal), @industrialbrand (work), @vancouver_cm (CreativeMornings),@foodists (food)

Quote to live by: We're all in this together.

Connector of the Month: Heather White | June 2012

Name: Heather White

Tweet/Blog! @heather2020 /

Work: Life Designer, Business Strategist, Writer, Speaker

After Work: Nature, Golf, Hiking, Ocean swims, LOTS of reading

Fave Networking Events: FWE, Conscious Divas, Serendipity Tea Party

Networking Advice: Be yourself and tell the truth. Be courageous (act even when you're afraid). Ask for what you need and what you want. Follow up with the people you vibe with and get to really know them.

Quote to live by: Everything will be ok in the end. If it's not ok, it's not the end. – Paulo Coelho

Connector of the Month: Raul Pacheco-Vega | May 2012

Name:  RaulPacheco-Vega, PhD

Work:  I have my own consultancy (HB Strategies) out of The Network Hub, and I teach in the Department of Political Science at The University of British Columbia. I am also affiliated faculty in the Latin American Studies Program at UBC

After Work:  My secret identity is the socialite known as Hummingbird604, the writer behind, one of Vancouver's best known travel and lifestyle blogs. I focus on non-profits, charitable events, food, wine, cocktails, travel, dance and theatre, and the fine arts.

Fave Networking Events: The Vancouver Blogger Meetup (full disclosure: I organize it), the Vancouver Entrepreneur Meetup, The Vancouver Small Business Entrepreneur Meetup, Third Tuesday Vancouver.

Networking Advice: Be genuine, authentic, transparent, honest and ALWAYS disclose. And even if you are shy by nature, just tell people you're shy 🙂

Twitter@raulpacheco is my professional one, @hummingbird604 is my personal one

Quote to live bynani gigantum humeris insidentes, which is the basis for Isaac Newton's If I have seen further is by standing on the shoulders of giants. As an academic, I recognize that any of the knowledge advancement I have done could not have been possible without everyone who studied similar topics (I'm a specialist in comparative environmental policy in North America).

Connector of the Month: Derek Shanahan | April 2012

Name: Derek Shanahan

Work:  I'm a co-founder of Foodtree, a web and mobile startup in Vancouver that builds tools to make it easier to know more about what we're eating, and to discover great food from great food producers near you. I've spent a lot of time thinking about the ways digital communities can bring real value to their members, and how that value translates (and finds its way) offline. For five years I helped build the largest personal blogging community for twenty-somethings in the world, and here in Vancouver I organize various gatherings in the startup community including Startup Drinks at the end of each month.

After Work:  Work's a bit of a misnomer when you'd doing what you love, but when I'm not working on Foodtree I'm usually contributing to various projects that inspiring people I know are involved in, or writing, reading, working out, and cooking. I spend a lot of evenings dropping in on local geek gatherings or “ideafreaking” with any one of the incredible brains I'm lucky to know locally and around the world.

Outside of technology, I'm fascinated and inspired by innovation and the communities around music, art, and various other sub-cultures. Music plays a huge role in my life and I try to see as much of it live as I can. I try to get to a few of the many art and creative gatherings happening around Vancouver as often as I can.

Oh, and I'm also a Vancouver Whitecaps supporter, as my good friend is the captain and I was a soccer player for twenty years!

Fave Networking Events: I tend to find myself at very informal events, or at gatherings focused on a topic relevant to my company or interests…I can't remember the last time I went to an event that was focused solely on networking. That said, I actively seek out interesting people and operate in a very social way, so I meet quite a few new people every week. The Startup Drinks event each week is a lot of fun, very informal, and chock full of interesting people at various stages of the startup life, including “thinking about a startup”.

Other than that I'm usually at events organized by Bootup Entrepreneurial Society, Tech Co-Founders Meetup, GrowLabs, and try to get to Creative Mornings each month if I can snag tickets.

Networking Advice: Be humble, listen to people, and add value where you can. If you can't add value for someone, introduce them to or connect them with someone who might be able to. Putting great people together is one small way you can help change the world.

Twitter: @dshanahan // @foodtree

Quote to live by: “If you aren’t getting rejected on a daily basis, your goals aren’t ambitious enough.” – Chris Dixon

Connector of the Month: Narges Nirumvala | April 2012

Name: Narges Nirumvala

Work: Owner/Executive Speech Coach at I work with executives, teams, entrepreneurs and community leaders to dramatically improve their public speaking and presentation skills in the shortest period of time, with a focus on persuasive content and getting results.

After Work: Spending quality time with my family always comes first. We are real foodies – so food festivals, eating out and wine tasting. Going out with my friends. I'm big on professional development, so I love going to seminars, workshops etc.. I believe in giving back and volunteer my time – I'm a Facilitator to women entrepreneurs at Member Forums at the FWE and on the Board of Directors in charge of philanthropy for eWomenNetwork Vancouver. I'm also writing my first book, so that takes time. Plus of course cheering on our Vancouver Canucks!

Fave Networking Events: I regularly attend FWE and eWomenNetwork events. I also like trying out different networking organizations/events every month. Recently I enjoyed my first The Buzz Event event, a CSAEBC luncheon and a WOW Evening event. All of them were great! Plus the Vancouver Board of Trade.

Networking Advice: 1. Listen attentively and be genuinely interested in the other person. 2. Try out different events and have fun! 3. Dress to impress. I have an exclusive fashion sponsor for all public events – Bellissima Fashions. Remember that communication is over 83% non-verbal! What kind of first impression are you making?

Twitter: @NargesNirumvala

Quote to live by: “Age wrinkles the body, quitting wrinkles the soul.” Douglas MacArthur

Connector of the Month: Dai Manuel | March 2012

Name:  Dai Manuel (aka “The Moose” as my friends like to call me)

Work:  Fitness Town Inc (C.O.O./Partner)

After Work:  Love to get out and play with my girls – consisting of my 2 daughters, Chardonae and Brie, along with my wife Christie – also when not hanging with family spend much of my time competing in CrossFit competitions, blogging, toastmasters and networking with other successful, dynamic business building professionals.

Fave Networking Events:  I really enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the ThinkReferrals networking organization.  It isn’t just about making business connections, but rather focuses on developing lasting relationships with others, from which business just seems to happen naturally.  Any event that has great energy, dynamic people and an atmosphere of fun and camaraderie – you can count me in!

Networking Advice:  Be genuine; be yourself; and don’t be forgotten!  (Be known as THE person that does what you do)


Quote to live by:  “Keep these concepts in mind: You've failed many times, although you don't remember. You fell down the first time you tried to walk. You almost drowned the first time you tried to swim. . . Don't worry about failure. My suggestion to each of you: Worry about the chances you miss when you don't even try.” ~ Sherman Finesilver

Connector of the Month: Val Litwin | March 2012

Name: Val Litwin

Work: Nurse Next Door (VP Franchise Operations)

After Work: Swimming, tree posing and eating my home grown vegetables

Fave Networking Events: Anything put on by FWE is brilliant, YWIB is also a stellar organization for young women

Networking Advice: Know what value you bring to the table; understand how you can serve others.  If you're young and not sure what your value is yet, be an excellent listener and manage excellent relationships — come to meetings prepared, respond quickly (but thoughtfully) to calls/emails and look for other ways to admire your network.

Twitter: @vlitwin

Quote to live by: “Waste no time arguing what a good man shall be, be one.” Marcus Aurelius

Why we love Val: This man has style! SNAP. I met Val very briefly at a recent movie premiere, introduced by the lovely Jillian Walker and he lives up to his reputation. Warm, sincere, funny and successful as hell. Val is the VP of Franchise Operations for Nurse Next Door and former guru of Blo Hair Dry Bar. But why we really love him is for his philanthropic endeavours – he started this incredible group called the Kindness Crew Society, a group raising the profile of a social movement dedicated to acts of kindness. Um, hello? How cool are you. Mad props to Val. Admiration and mad respect from afar. He is the man who “does it all” and makes it look easy (and stylish).

Connector of the Month: Maninder Dhaliwal | February 2012

Name: Maninder Dhaliwal

Work: CEO & Co-Founder Trucasa. Want to know how your property price compares with your neighbours? We can tell you at

After Work: Read … a lot. Pilates. Travel the world for opera and forage museum gift shops for collectables. I am obsessed with Leonardo Da Vinci and Nefertiti. Trying out Hot Chocolate everywhere I go. Current favourite is Apostrophe in London – it’s like drinking a chocolate bar from a cup!

Fave Networking Events: I am lucky to be involved with some absolutely amazing organizations: Women in Leadership where I chair the Vancouver Chapter. You should see what we have in store for 2012!! Others include Vancouver Board of Trade, Vancouver Enterprise Forum and Big Sisters events.

Networking Advice: A successful networking encounter has four simple steps: 1. Be interested. 2. Be generous. 3. Be interesting. 4. Connect and Follow up.  Always look for opportunities to turn a dot into a line; an encounter into a relationship. Despite all the advances in technology, the Paul Revere style of communication is still the one that works best – lasting relationships require face time. Above all, be useful and be kind. The best personal brands are built on generosity.

Twitter: @dhaliwalmk

Quote to live by: “Ah, but a man's reach should exceed his grasp, or what's a heaven for?” – Robert Browning

Why we love Maninder: Although I actually haven't met Maninder face-to-face (terrible I know!), I have an incredible amount of respect for her and how generous of her time and talents she is. We sit on the Women's Leadership Circle Advisory Council together, soon to meet at an upcoming meeting and have been at the same events at the same time, we just keep missing one another. She is a stand-out, and her philanthropic achievements are beyond impressive. She's definitely one of those women we marvel at “how does she do it all?”.

Connector of the Month: Devon Brooks | January 2012

Name: Devon Brooks

Work: It's fair to say I'm known on the biz scene for Co-Founding Blo Blow Dry Bar. In the last year and a half, I've worked with FWE – Forum for Women Entrepreneurs, helping them navigate their brand potential, refresh their programs and grow their business. I also worked closely with the team at – the world's largest music lyrics website (which was recently acquired by CBS), to assit them on a variety of projects, like: building out their first ever communications department, giving the site an over all social and aesthetic face-lift, and launching a campaign to create and maintain valuable relationships with the media and music industry in North America. I spent about 6 months there taking meetings with execs from all kinds of potential collaborators like ASCAP, Sony and Universal Music Group. I've been actively mentoring via the Canadian Youth Business Foundation, and as it turns out — I'm their youngest every mentor! You can catch my CYBF mentees, The Juice Truck, at the corner of Abbott and Cordova — they serve up some mean liquid. Word.

You can also catch me on the speaking circuit, giving my two cents on topics like — Brand, Leadership and Culture as well as sharing about more sensitive topics like Personal Empowerment, having Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Overcoming Violence.

After Work: Fresh Air, Belly-Laughs, Adventure, Yoga or Barre Fitness, Amigos, Home Cooked Food, Malbec — they definitely get the most after-work air time.

Fave Networking Events: This city has some awesome business-based parties. If you're a woman, or man supporting women-in-business, FWE has a tremendous amount of valuable events you can attend. That said, I do my best networking at random, and usually around delicious food, music or in airport lounges. In all honesty, my best relationships are made when I least expect them — that's always been the case.

Networking Advice: Forget about meeting as many people as you can, and start focusing on building fewer, more meaningful relationships. Attract people you'd die to know by thinking about what you can give, before you think about what you can get. Most importantly, master the art of listening.

Twitter: @devsdevelopment

Quote to live by:  “If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.” —Roald Dahl

Why we love Devon: I first met Devon about a year and a half ago when we both ended up at Cynthia Roney's table discussion “mentoring” at the Business in Vancouver Leadership Lessons for Women event. I liked her style and we had a great conversation. I have always been so impressed with Devon's maturity and unstoppable business sense (she's pretty young you know!) Thrilled when I hear about her accomplishments and recognition for all her amazing work – from Chatelaine Magazine's “Hot 20 Under 30 Women of the Year” in 2011, to “Worthy 30” in the National Post, this dynamic and creative woman is the real deal.

Connector of the Month: Margot White | December 2011

Name: Margot White

Work: Vice President, Weber Shandwick (Vancouver)

After Work: In summer, I head to the water for dinner on the beach, a swim or a kayak. In winter, I like to cozy up to the fire, catch up with friends and family, get in some night skiing, or indulge my artistic passion for photography (and poorly executed painting).

Fave Networking Events: High Tech Communicators Exchange  hosts friendly, informal events with interesting speakers on how technology is opening new avenues to communicate and market. I’m a fan of the BCAMA annual Vision Conference to connect with colleagues in the agency/marketing world and sector-specific conferences attended by our clients and other communications professionals.

Networking Advice: Of the Canadian markets I’ve worked in, Vancouver is definitely the strongest networking and business referral based city. Be friendly, approachable, and willing to share news, contacts and information. For me, networking is about collaboration and collegiality. It’s a small world and it works better when we support one another.

Twitter: @margot_white

Quote to live by: A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination. – Nelson Mandela

Connector of the Month: Kerry Sauriol | November 2011

Name: Kerry Sauriol

Work: Founder/CEO of SAHMedia, Community Manager for Vancouver Women in Biz Network

After Work: Well, when you work from home, the work never ends.   My ‘after work' is when the kids have finally all gone to bed and I can sit down to a glass of wine and a good book or some recorded tv shows.

Fave Networking Events:  I love the Enterprising Moms Network, now part of the Entrepreneurial Moms organization.  I have found the women there so inspirational and have driven me to push myself career wise.  I also, of course, love the Women in Biz Network and have been thrilled that our first Vancouver event went so well and was so well received by the community here.  It would never have been such a great success without the power of networking.

Networking Advice:  Follow up.  Never be afraid to ask for help or advice from someone in your networking group.  Introduce yourself online and in person when you can and push yourself out there.   People are there for you.  That is what networking is all about.

Twitter: @CrunchyCarpets and @Sahmedia

Quote to live by: Keep Calm and Carry On

Connector of the Month: Glenn Hilton | October 2011

Name: Glenn Hilton

Work: Founder/CEO of ImageX Media

After Work: Love coming home to spend time with my family & my dog Sophie. I enjoy the outdoors, sports, social media & the world of Apple and am a proud member of Canuck nation.

Fave Networking Events: The Vancouver Social Media Professionals (Such a great group of people!) Any Drupal events… the Vancouver Drupal Users Group, Drupal Camps, Drupalcons… LOVE the Drupal community!

Networking Advice: Learn how to remember people's names… it goes a long way. Take time to get to know others whether you think they can help you or not. Show kindness wherever you can… it helps make the world a better place and you never know how it will come back to you. Laugh, jest and have some fun. It's contagious.

Twitter: @glennhilton and @ImageX_Media

Quote to live by: Treat everyone you meet like they're the most important person in the world.

Connector of the Month: Karm Sumal | October 2011

Name: Karm Sumal

Work: Co-Founder and Editor for by night. CFO at Blenz Coffee by day.

After Work: I like to head home and spend some quality time with my wife and kid. During hockey season, you may catch me at a bar but most of the times I'm pretty low key and just like to unwind with family and friends.

Fave Networking Events: The Buzz Event is a great networking event that I'm involved with. It's an event that caters to young entrepreneurs that are still in the early stages of the their entrepreneurial lives. It features guest speakers from a wide range of fields and success levels. The speakers are their to provide a little guideance to the youth that primarily attends the event. I also enjoy going to tweet ups, they are the new way to network.

Networking Advice:  Just be yourself and if you see a fit or possible business relationship that is worth pursuing follow up after the event. I'm not a fan of the car salesman approach when it comes to networking. I like to work with people whose company I enjoy.

Twitter: @VancityBuzz

Quote to live by: Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune. – Jim Rohn

Connector of the Month: Jillian Walker | October 2011

Name: Jillian Walker

Work: Vice President of Client Experience at Elevated HR, a North American based company that takes HR out of the business. Yes, you heard correctly! I work with start-ups and small businesses to make HR easy! I also mentor students at local universities, ensuring they are set up for success when they hit the workplace.

After Work: I am lucky to be involved with some amazing organizations: ACE, YWiB and JCI. I read – everything from leadership books to chick lit to the latest fashion mag. I write – whether it be blogging or industry articles. My usual weekend consists of a glass of wine with the girls but I also love burlesque nights at The Keefer, dancing at The Biltmore or brunch at Glowbal Grill. At the end of the day, travel holds my heart. I hop, skip, jump around the world whenever I get the chance!

Fave Networking Events: Since I'm new to Vancouver, I've been trying out a number of organizations and events. A true favourite has been Social Feed Vancouver; fantastic group of people and the best kind of dinner party! I also love Forum for Women Entrepreneurs – Member Forums, Startup Drinks Vancouver with Bootup, and Creative Mornings.

Networking Advice: Old school networking events make me cringe. Never go to events to meet a quota of people or make a certain number of dollars. Network to meet people, to give to others and to create relationships. I often ‘forget' my business cards at home… It forces you to come out of a networking event with a few solid relationships (and a few is a-ok!). Your contact can't rely on your company name or title, it's up to YOU to make a memorable impression.

Twitter: @jillianwalker and @elevatedhr

Quote to live by: Always give more than you take.

Connector of the Month: Owen Clark | September 2011

Name: Owen Clark

Work:, and I distribute Speed-SewAfter Work:Kids, Cycling, Ice Hockey

Fave Networking Events
: The ones I organize!

LinkedIn Connections:

Networking Advice:
 Take Your Eyes Off of Yourself

: @ByzHubOwen

Quote to live by: “Keep it Simple, Simple is Hard Enough”

Connector of the Month: Cadi Jordan | September 2011

Name: Cadi Jordan

Work: Owner of Jordan Consulting, a Vancouver based company providing Business, Managment and Social Networking Solutions to the Spa, Health & Wellness Industry.

After Work:
Spending time with my family, anything outdoors, reading…and of course a good Spa

Fave Networking Events
: I like to mix it up but do enjoy Social Media of course! I've met many great people just by taking the online, offline! Other groups include FWE, ByzHub, ThinkThursdays, MomCafe and others.

LinkedIn Connections:
420 +

Networking Advice:
Just be yourself! Follow up within the day if you can via a personalized email. Let yourself Shine!

: @cadijordan

Quote to live by
: I enjoy a handful but ” Become wise by walking with the wise” – Proverbs always come to mind.

Connector of the Month: Trevor Turnbull | August 2011

Name: Trevor Turnbull

Work: President T3 CONNECT Sports Marketing, Business Development & Linkedin Trainer – Route Three Marketing

After Work: I am a sports junkie and love to stay active.  So, if you don't find me at a Lions, Canucks, Whitecaps or Canadiens game, then you'll likely find me playing hockey with the UBC Thunderbird alumni, on my bike heading into Stanley Park to play tennis or on the golf course!

Fave Networking Events: I have thoroughly enjoyed the Sports Speaker Series events hosted by CSC Pacific as it relates to sports industry events.  As for other networking events, I am a new member of the Vancouver Board of Trade and have met some great people at their events.

Networking Advice: Always make sure to follow up with people you meet at networking events by connecting with them online.  The most logical place is Linkedin as it is very “business” focused.  However, Twitter is also a great place to connect on a more personal level and engage in conversation. Facebook is a different story as many people like to keep their “personal” and their “business” life separate.

Quote To Live By: A bit cheesy I know….but so true!

I am wondering what that exact moment is when we truly, truly love our jobs. Is it during the day, or at the end of the day, or is it years later looking back on all we accomplished? I think perhaps truly loving something is the ability to love it at that moment. The daily journey is everything. Being able to enjoy enjoyment while it is happening. Jerry Maguire

Linkedin Connections: 1950

Twitter: @trevorturnbull

Connector of the Month: Marc Smith | July 2011

Name: Marc Smith

Work: Owner of Amuse Consulting Inc, an event company in Vancouver that specializes in bringing people together.

After Work: I’m a true Vancouverite so I love coffee, enjoying a good patio with a BC Rose and of course throwing some fabulous dinner parties.

Fave Networking Events: Meetups, Tweetups & any gathering with cool people. I’m not dedicated to any as I like to mix it up and stay fresh

Linked in Connections: 1,014

Networking advice: If you don’t believe it don’t say it. Be authentic & remember what makes you different makes you unique so flaunt it!

Twitter: @amuse_events

Quote to live by: Be the change you wish to see in the world – Ghandi (Marc get's BIG points for this, as it's MY fave quote too!)

Marc is incredibly passionate about giving back to my community and believes it's his duty to help make the space he occupies better than when he arrived. Marc would love the support of people to read the most important blog he's written to date. Read it here!

Connector of the Month: Tyrell Mara | June 2011

Name: Tyrell Mara

Work: Tyrell is involved in a LOT, to name a few:

  • Social Media Strategy at TekaraInc Organizational Effectiveness
  • Athlete Whisperer – Athlete Recruiting Services & Sport Specific Personal Training
  • Freelance Web Design & Social Media Teacher
  • Public Speaker (leadership, mentoring, & social media)
  • Recent MBA Graduate (Entrepreneurship)

After Work: Always reading and writing, yoga, surfing or stand up paddling, enjoying all things adventure and spontaneous, giving back to community

Linkedin Connections: 265

Fave Networking Events:

Networking Advice: Quality not quantity. Spending a few minutes making a genuine quality engagement will separate you from the rest. This takes more time and energy, but that is why so few make the effort, which creates an incredible opportunity for you!

Twitter: @TyrellMara

Quote to live by: Through every experience in life, we have the opportunity to learn, grow, and positively influence others. It is how we choose to face these experiences everyday that will shape and form who we become, and how we impact the world!

Connector of the Month: Cynthia Roney | June 2011

Name: Cynthia Roney

Work: Former biotech CEO, now Certified Executive and Business Coach, Mentor & Facilitator, Founder & CEO, Executive Passage

After Work:  Passionate equestrian, long distance runner, just back from 3 weeks in Italy with my husband for our 25th wedding anniversary, love spending time with our two sons (21, 19) and daughter (18)

Linkedin Connections: 500+

Fave Events: Fabulous Fridays; Forum for Women Entrepreneurs– FWE; Women’s Enterprise Centre– WEC; Women’s Executive Network– WXN; Professional Women’s Network- PWN; Women’s Leadership Circle- WLC; Business in Vancouver– BIV; BNI Grand Fortune City; TEC CanadaYWCA Women of Distinction; Kitsilano Chamber of Commerce; Minerva Foundation; Wealth Academy; Canadian Board Diversity Council– CBDC; LifeSciences BC

Networking Advice: Don’t like to network?  Relax, it’s not about you!  It’s about reaching out to others and genuinely asking “How can I help you?”  A whole new world of powerful business connections, amazing support and real friendships awaits!

Twitter: @cynthiaroney

Quote to live by: “The greatest danger is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it” -Michelangelo

Connector of the Month: Jill Earthy | June 2011

Name: Jill Earthy

Work: Inspiring, energizing and educating women entrepreneurs (Executive Director, Forum for Women Entrepreneurs & Founder, momcafe Network Inc.)

After Work: Spending time with my two young daughters, attending events, hanging with friends, ideally outside!

Linkedin Connections: 500+

Fave Networking Events: FWE, momcafe, PWN, YWiB, Small Biz BC, BIV

Networking Advice: Find a “wallflower” and initiate a conversation.  Networking is about building relationships, not just your contact list.

Twitter: @jearthy

Quote to live by: “Stay Calm and Carry On”

Connector of the Month: Katie Schaeffers | May2011

Name: Katie Schaeffers

Work: Manager, TEDActive at TED Conferences, LLC

After Work: Co-Chair of Y.E.S! Vancouver, fashionista, foodie, seawall runner, aspiring yogi.

Linkedin Connections: 236

Fave Events: Y.E.S! Vancouver, YWiB, restaurant openings, or local fashion events.

Networking Advice: Firm handshake, eye contact, and ALWAYS follow up the next day.  Most importantly, focus on creating relationships, not just handing out or collecting business cards.

Twitter: @katieschaeffers