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Why Perfectionism Will Only Slow You Down

Being a perfectionist is necessary in many areas of life (for example, when performing surgery, or building a bridge) but there are a number of other situations where obsessing over every detail becomes a roadblock to efficiency. When it comes to say, sending an email to a potential employer,  pondering  over every word and structure of the […]

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Summer Reads: Where Would You Start?

Networking in Vancouver loves books!  And summer is the perfect time to dive in and learn something new. There is only one problem; where do we start? We were hoping you could help us decide. Here are the books on our NIV bookshelf waiting for our attention.     Linchpin, by Seth Godin The Empowered […]

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The Worst Job I Ever Had

Bad jobs are everywhere. You’ve had one (or three), I’ve had a handful, and we’ve all been there. They’re fully equipped miserable machines with lousy bosses, difficult coworkers, terrible customers, and poor conditions. And if it’s really bad, there’s awful coffee, too. My first bad job was terrible, really. For starters it involved physical labour. […]

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3 hurdles to creating a powerful and reputation-building LinkedIn profile

By As the West Coast’s Marketing, Communications and Sales Recruitment Specialists, we’ve witnessed the rise of the LinkedIn profile from ‘nice-to-have’ to ‘must-have’ status. With designated areas for work experience, professional references, file sharing and even status updates, LinkedIn is part business card, part portfolio and part real-time representation of who you are as […]

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Being Busy vs. Being Productive

Recently, a friend of mine asked me a casual question after she knew I’d had an especially busy weekend working on various projects: “So, did you get a lot done?” I thought back on my seemingly hectic Saturday and Sunday, and hmm, no… I didn’t actually cross off a lot of my To-Do’s… What the […]

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Fail Fast, Fail Hard, Learn lots

Five months ago I decided to launch a pilot project around the idea of creating a more sophisticated experience for women to swap clothes, online. The idea of sorting through a rack of clothing to find the right size, fit, and comfort has never been an experience I enjoy. Yet I also envied those who […]

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Why Action Doesn’t Result in Success

Action gets results, but clarity creates success. Have you ever been so busy that you haven’t had time to think? Do you take the approach that, as long as you’re moving, something good will happen? If so, you’re not alone. We are an action-oriented culture. We embrace and idolize busy schedules, we actively seek out […]

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Finding Sustainable Solutions

It’s mid-January. Declarations about health, wellness, sleep, relationships and food/drink/lack-there-of have been made.  There is a 30 minute wait for cardio machines at the gym. You have to reserve a spot in yoga classes or you will be unfortunately non-asana-ing. Essentially, we are throwing ourselves into 2013 with gumption – feverishly working away at being […]

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