About NIV

About Networking in Van

I have always enjoyed attending networking and professional development events. I have been called by many a “connector” which according to Malcolm Gladwell and The Tipping Point means the following:

“The first–and most obvious–criterion is that Connectors know lots of people. They are the kinds of people who know everyone. All of us know someone like this. But I don't think that we spend a lot of time thinking about the importance of these kinds of people. I'm not even sure that most of us really believe that the kind of person who knows everyone really knows everyone. But they do”.

Ok, so that's me pretty much to a tee.

I LOVE meeting new people, I love connecting people, I don't see people as strangers – I see them as people I haven't met yet and I want you all to meet. Extending your network is so important I believe – you never know where your next opportunity will lie, who can help you along the way (personally or professionally) and Vancouver is small, so let's all help each other. Ok? Ok!

What I noticed in Vancouver is that there are a LOT of networking opportunities but you have to go to about 18 different sites to find out who they all are, when the events are…wouldn't it be great to have one site that could give you the best of the best?

So here we are.

I hope this site provides some kind of benefit to you. If it does, please share it with friends! I will try and keep it very updated on my lunch hours, evenings and weekends. I do have a full time job and I love volunteer work so I am not working on it 24-7 but I am quick to respond to people.

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